6’7 ’21 C Jonas Courtney (Lake Norman High School)
Courtney is a walking double-double. He serves as the anchor on this Riptide team, on both ends
of the floor. He possesses the ability to protect the rim while allowing the rest of the team to play
aggressively on defense. Courtney has strong footwork and an old fashioned low-post game with
a variety of moves and counters. The big man also runs the floor well and is a constant threat to
score in transition. He'll have major upside as he continues to progress.

5’11 ’21 PG Clay Hodges (Lake Norman High School)
Hodges competes like every play is the last play of the game, on both ends of the floor. He has
the ability to get to the rim and set up his teammates, but also shows scoring capabilities when
necessary. Hodges shoots extremely well from three-point range. Hodges is a really heady
defender that always communicates and makes sure his teammates are in the right position. He is
a quality all-around player that genuinely hates to lose. This young man brings a winning attitude
to every game.

6’0 ’21 PG Callahan Reed (Lake Norman Charter High School)
Reed is an extremely gifted and willing passer. He has the ability to score on three levels and
knows how to set his teammates up in transition and the half court. Reed possesses a pretty quick
first step, which typically puts the defense on their heels. He's a tough guard that defends and
rebounds the basketball well for his position. His team-first mindset is important, because he's
willing to do whatever is necessary for his team's success.

6’2 ’21 F Christian Taylor (Lake Norman High School)
Taylor is establishing himself as an integral part of this Riptide team. He plays extremely hard on
both ends of the floor and is already a great rebounder that will go toe-to-toe with much bigger
players. Taylor is a winner that has the ability to guard several positions with relative ease. He
can score in bunches, especially in transition. Look for him to continue to improve and continue
his high level of play.

6’2 ’21 G Micah Williams (Lexington Senior High School)
Williams is an extremely athletic wing prospect that loves to finish in transition. He has great
baseline-to-baseline speed and does an excellent job of anticipating on defense, especially in
trapping situations (and will finish the steal with a dunk on the other end). Williams has a nose
for the ball, playing with a consistently high motor and rebounding on both sides of the ball.