1. 6'10' 2020 Isaiah Todd
Team Loaded NC 17s

Todd is an immense talent, his upside is out of this world and he gets better each time out on the floor. What Todd really showed in this event is his defensive presence. He was a terror blocking shots and defending the passing lanes. He is fun to watch, worth the price of admission as he will turn heads each time on the floor.

2. 6'4' 2022 Freddie Dillione
Team CP3 14s

Coming into this event Dillione was considered one of the five best 2022 prospects in North Carolina. After his performance he did nothing to quell those notions. The lengthy scoring guard showed the ability to get buckets, he shot the ball well and he was comfortable handling the ball. Watch him closely as he continues to progress.

3. 6'6' 2019 Max Farthing
Word of God (NC)

Farthing can flat out shoot the ball. He has good length and a very quick release. What really impressed this week was Farthing’s ability to navigate through traffic, off the ball, and get his feet set from his best spots. Farthing is a high academic shooting guard and is someone who should see multiple offers come his way in June.

4. 6'2' 2019 Travion McCray
Team Loaded NC 17s

McCray is a tough minded lead guard, who is strong and explosive and plays very aggressively on both ends of the court. He showed the ability to score the ball on all three levels as he was a very good point of attack defender was well. McCray is another one who should have a big July with offers coming in left and right for him.

5. 6'5' 2019 Trey Cousin
Mid State Magic (NC)

Cousin continues his hot run he has had since May. Still not 100% back from a knee injury he suffered a year ago, Cousin’s game has gone to a completely new level. He is stronger, longer and an inch or so taller and he is shooting the cover off the ball. Cousin averaged 26 per game in this event, coming off his last event with us (David Rose in May) where he averaged 32 per game.

6. 6'2' 2021 Deveon Thomas
Florence International (SC) 15s

Thomas came out the gate swinging, putting up 17 points against a very good CP3 team. The strong guard showed the ability to both create offense as well as knock down shots off the catch. He defended well and was the best player on each floor he walked on. He is one to watch as he continues to develop.

7. 6'9' 2020 Josiah Shackelford
Word of God (NC)

Shackelford walks onto the court with incredible measureables, passing the look test with flying colors. The 6’8/6’9 big has a 7’2″ wing span and a vertical over 35″. He is a great shot blocker, especially from the weak side with natural timing. He had a few pin blocks in this one, as he does in every game. He also had some massive dunks. He currently carries a Coppin State offer, more should come in July.

8. 5'11' 2021 Clay Hodges
Carolina Riptide (NC) 15s

Hodges runs his team like a point guard should. He is able to get where he wants off the bounce, he rarely turns the ball over, he delivers pristine passes to set up his team mates and when his number is called he makes his shots. It is easy to see why his team wins so many game, they have a leader like Hodges.

9. 6'1' 2019 Themus Fulks
PSB Winston- Salem (NC)

Fulks has been a hot name over the past couple of months, especially after the numbers he put up his junior season at North Davidson High School. Well he is back at it now, averaging over 25 points per game. He is a good athlete and defensive player. He is at his best getting downhill. This July will be interesting for him as he is one who should start to pick up college interest at the appropriate level.

10-A. 6'8' 2019 TJ Nesmith
Mid State Magic (NC) 17s

Nesmith is a lengthy 6’8″ prospect who has a lot of great traits. For starters, he has off the charts hands, catching everything in his direction. He finishes around the basket with both hands and showed comfort with a couple go-to type moves. Nesmith runs the floor well, routinely beating his man and he is a good area rebounder as a below the rim type big. Again, a lot of great traits for a big. He is one scholarship level schools should look hard at in July.

10-B. 6'3' 2020 Marvin Tucker Jr.
Rocky Mount Sonics (NC) 17s

The entire Rocky Mount Sonics team was one of the more fun teams to watch on the entire day. Tucker was the player who made them go as the lengthy and athletic wing finished at and above the rim throughout the day. He rebounded well, defended very well and was able to get where he needed off the bounce. Playing up in age, Tucker is a very interesting prospect we are excited to see more of.