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The Mystery of Who is Liberty Heights

Who is this school that college coaches have been flocking to, and why have they been going there throughout the open October period?! North Carolina is known for schools who continuously churn out star basketball prospects and put them in college. Great players tend to gravitate toward playing together, and this is the landscape of North Carolina basketball for as long as you can remember.

6’7/225 senior Shayne Scruggs

This year starts year three of Liberty Heights in Charlotte, last year they put three players in college at the D1/D2 level.
Now with prospects off last year’s team having signed with Wake Forest, Presbyterian and Virginia Union, this Liberty Heights team may be Head Coach Mike Wrights best yet. The team is led by four seniors, most notably 6’6” Top 100 ranked Juwan Gary, who is an Alabama commitment (Gary will be taking the SAT for this event). They have 6’7” Shayne Scruggs, a Michigan native by way of Crestwood School in Ontario. Analyst Miles Masercola said Scruggs, “Possesses incredible footwork on the block, smooth jump-shooting mechanics and incredibly mobility, giving him an ability to guard 4 positions” after watching him in an early season scrimmage this year.

6’ Davier Dixon is the steadying force, his third year as this team’s point guard. He is great in the pick and roll and makes good decisions as he picked up a Southern Miss offer. 6’6” Deante Petree, the team’s fourth senior, is someone Masercola pegged as a sure fire D1 kid as well. Masercola walked away incredibly impressed with Petree stating, “He brings a level of intensity, toughness, and leadership unlike most prospects his age are capable of to go with incredible versatility at both ends of the court. He competes at a super high level defensively to go with incredible vision at the offensive end. He’s the kind of kid that can lead you in any statistical category on any given night.”

6’6 junior Kahari Rogers

Even if the talent stopped there, it would be impressive, but we would be remised to not mention three of this team’s juniors. 6’6” Kahari Rogers may be the team’s best prospect. He is a playmaking wing with the ability to create offense at all three levels, both in the half court and the open court. 6’5” Cameron Edwards is in the conversation as one of the best shooters in the region. He has a great frame with a short stroke with a quick release off the catch.

While there are three of four others in this roster worth mentioning, we will end with 6’1” junior Antonee Abraham. The jet-quick point guard is a New York City native. He has the handle and pizzazz you normally think of when New York City Point Guard crosses your mind. Abraham can also shoot the ball. He has two more years of high school and is one to monitor closely.
This is the program’s third year. Already every player on the roster will be a qualifier. The likes of Alabama, St Louis, Temple, Quinnipiac, VCU, NC A&T, UNC-Greensboro, Elon, Coastal Carolina, and others have been by the school. There are multiple players on the roster for every one of those levels.

This is a program who is on a steep rise as they have a roster of 10 players who are D1/D2 college level prospects.

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