3G Showcase Storylines
7’2” 8th Grader Travon Pearson

Pearson with his AAU Coach (pic found on @susanmills158 twitter feed)

Phenom’s 3G Showcase || July 19-20 (This Weekend) || Fayetteville, NC (Freedom Courts)

Yes, you read that story title correctly, a 7’2” 2022 prospect (8th Grade). Travon Pearson is still an unknown prospect outside of his immediate region. He is a player who created a bit of a stir a couple of weeks ago when Andrew Ramspacher of The State newspaper put out a little piece on Pearson.

Ramspacher did a nice introductory article, which was the first thing anyone had seen of him, and that piece created quite a stir locally. It included video interview, a little video of Pearson in warm ups and some quotes with his AAU coaches with Team Wall Southeast (Read the Article Here).

Pearson was 6’5” at this time last year, so he has grown to be a legit 7 footer in that time frame. Naturally, he is still learning about his body and growing into his frame. However, as the old saying goes, you cannot teach 7 feet and within that 7 feet, you cannot teach fluidity of movement. The Bishopville, South Carolina has all of this.

Without a doubt, Pearson will have all eyes on him the second he walks into the building (and it will be like that for as long as he plays). He is certainly the tallest prospect in the Carolinas right now and he has yet to step foot into high school yet. Everyone should be eager to see him and get to know his name, he is truly unique.