Phenom's 3G Showcase had a great turnout, both on the floor and in the stands. Every court, throughout the event had stands that seemed 75% full or more. Theses fans stayed because of the production on the floor. Even though not many carried offers, they are players who set themselves up to have huge July periods.

There were national level recruits all the way to D3 and NAIA guys. However, the competitive nature of the court was great. With every team playing 3-5 games, they were all competitive. Every team played hard, and that created a great atmosphere.

Here is who earned the event's Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Player

Most Valuable Player

6' 2023 Treymane Parker
Flight 22 Fayetteville (NC) 13s

When taking this vote we had to look objectively at the entirety of the event. We had 13u-17u divisions and numerous good players playing in every age group. With numerous eyes on every court, throughout the event, we simply asked, 'Who was the most dominate player against all competition''

Treymane Parker displayed the full package for a seasoned point guard. He walks out in lay-up lines going between his legs dunking, as a 7th grader. Immediately your drawn to that. However, once the ball is tipped, it is his IQ and his court sense that jumps out at you. He has exceptional vision and the ability to see the entire floor and deliver pin-point passes. He has deep range with a quick release and picture perfect form on his jump shot. He has a great change of pace and a tight handle. As we said, he excels in every facet of the game.

At times, people would even suggest Parker was too unselfish. That may be so, but he was dominate never the less. Although it is early, he should be spoken about as a national level prospect and as he continues to develop, one who should accumulate all the Team USA and top prospect accolades to come.

Most Outstanding

6'1' 2021 Jaquantae Harris
Taking it by Force (NC) 15s

As good as he was, Parker was not the consensus best player. In fact, it was almost split between Harris and Parker, with Parker gathering two more votes.

Harris is a do-everything player for the 15u Gold Championship winning Taking it by Force team. He jumps center and then plays point guard. Not to mention Harris is the team's leading producer in every statistical category as well. Providing across the board production in all five games he played.

Harris is a rugged and tough point of attack defender. He has quick feet, long arms and great anticipation, locking down his man for 94 feet. He is a very mindful lead guard, providing a tight handle to go along with an aggressive downhill approach that makes it hard to stay in front of him. He is a good decision maker and an excellent finisher, making plays for both himself and his teammates. All in all, Harris is a winner and it is hard to believe with his poise and his production on the court he is only a freshman.

Others Receiving Votes

6' 2020 Landon Sutton (Hoop State Elite ' Rexrode)

6'7' 2019 BJ McLaurin (Flight 22 Fayetteville)

6'4' 2020 MJ Wilkerson (NC Empire Go Hard 16s)