Game Four: Team Loaded 704 14U (67) Vs Charlotte Dragons 14U (37)

Charlotte Dragons:

5’10 2023 Brock Rose: 14 Points

Rose is a hard nosed young off-ball guard that can shoot it from deep, finish through contact at the rim, and always play the game with a ton of heart and purpose.  He was one of the more reliable offensive options for a Charlotte Dragons team with some interesting pieces.

5’9 2023 Carson Brooks: 11 Points

Brooks is a sniper from deep that made some big shots in the first half to keep the Charlotte Dragons within striking distance early on.  He’s another one that plays with a ton of heart and his shooting should translate to the high school level.

Team Loaded 704:

6’1 2023 Dilen Miller: 11 Points

Miller is a really smooth combo guard with excellent size considering his size and age, he does a great job getting downhill and scoring at the cup, he also is a more than capable shooter from the perimeter.  Whether he grows or not he has a chance to be a really productive high school player right away. 

5’7 2023 Sabatian Aikin: 9 Points

Aikin is a high energy young point guard that does a superb job running the team and getting his guys in the right spots.  He does a good job limiting mistakes and does a great job on the defensive end of the court using his quickness to force turnovers and bad shots.  Another interesting young prospect on this Loaded 704 squad. 

Game Five: Team CP3 14U (75) Vs Asheville Game Changers 14U (44)

Team CP3 14U:

5’10 2023 Aden Holloway: 7 Points

Holloway is a big name within Middle School hoops in the Carolinas and he proved himself on the Phenom Hoops stage as one of the top guards in the 2023 class.  His feel for the game is beyond his years and he has a wide array of moves in his arsenal on the offensive end when creating for himself.  He’s always one step ahead of the competition and should start to receive  attention from media and college coaches alike in the near future.

6’0 2023 Jaylen Curry: 18 Points

This is a young kid with some serious flare to his game.  He is a score first lead guard that can really really create for himself off the bounce and despite being a lefty is really confident going right in spots.  He’s another super talented piece on this CP3 team and he should have a special summer with them.

Asheville Game Changers 14U:

6’7 2023 Addison Archer: 20 Points

I saw Archer for the first time back in the fall when he attended a Jr Phenom Camp and he was really impressive with his ability to protect the rim, score it at all three levels, and his high motor at the height of 6’7.  He’s continually built confidence in his game, and even refined his shooting mechanics to improve his efficiency from the perimeter.  He’s a prospect that deserves a lot of attention moving forward as one of the better bigs in NC’s 2022 class.

6’3 2023 Athan Gill: 14 Points

Gill is an explosive young wing that has a game, body, and mindset well beyond his years.  He plays the game with a serious edge and understands how integral he is to his teams success.  As he continues to expand his skillset and likely grow a few more inches he should be able to get into high school right away and be a productive piece from the start. 

Game Six: WNC Warriors 14U (58) Vs Team Hickory 14U (47)

WNC Warriors 14U:

6’2 2023 Cade Corbitt: 8 Points

Corbitt is a young blue collar forward that fights his heart out on both the offensive and defensive boards, providing a serious impact to his team in that regard.  He also has smooth touch inside and out to the mid-range, and isn’t afraid to get physical in order to get tough buckets down low.  As he continues to grow and expand his range, expect Corbitt to be a productive high school player in the near future.

6’0 2023 Zack Meyers: 18 Points

Meyers is an outstanding on ball defender, using his lateral quickness, and fast hands to create trouble for whomever he’s guarding.  He does a really good job making life difficult for the opposition and then capitalizing when he turns the opposition over.  He does a great job finishing at the rim in transition as well as being a capable shooter from the perimeter.

Team Hickory 14U:

6’0 2023 Chris Culliver: 10 Points

Culliver is a really versatile young player at this point in his career.  He possesses the ability to initiate offense, score from the perimeter, and use his size/strength to create for himself down low.  He has the luxury of being big and skilled so regardless of his physical development he has a strong foundational set of tools to build upon in the future. 

5’11 2023 Dayton Anderson: 10 Points

Anderson is playing an age group up but that hasn’t prevented him from having a positive contribution to his Team Hickory squad.  He’s got excellent shooting mechanics to go with good size for his age, he’s someone to keep an eye on in the 2024 class. 

Game Seven: Team Hope 14U (48) Vs 1Carolina 14U (57)

Team Hope 14U:

5’10 2023 Miles Willis: 15 Points

Willis was a consistent presence with his defensive prowess in this one and did a good job knocking down the perimeter jumper.  He was absolutely money from the FT line as well, which is always an important step in the development of a young player.  He should continue to increase his confidence level when attacking the rim which should allow him to open up more room for that smooth jumper.

5’7 2024 Tyree White: 11 Points

White showcased some natural finishing ability at the rack in this one, which is impressive considering his small size and the fact that he’s year younger than most of the competition.  He played with a level of fearlessness for a 7th grader that is seldom seen and if he continues to play with that chip on his shoulder, he should continue to improve as an offensive creator.

1Carolina 14U:

6’3 2023 Jameer Holmes: 10 Points

Holmes has been an incredibly steady performer in all three of his games today, showcasing his ability to be a natural slasher from the wing.  As Holmes develops as an athlete, it should only open up more avenues for him to showcase his soft touch around the rim.  Definitely one of the better prospects on the court in this one.

5’10 2022 Kendall Davis:

Davis is a really creative point guard that does a good job getting guys like Holmes and Keyshawn Adams involved.  He understands his role and does the best he can to fulfill it in every game he plays in.  He also takes pride in what he does at the defensive end, doing his best to make life difficult for his opposition.