The talent is unquestionable at the Queen City Middle School Showcase in Charlotte, NC.  Young talent from around the region have competed and shown their talents in front of national scouts and much more.

At Phenom Hoops though, we want to keep everyone up-to-date on all the scores and top scorers from each game, that is why we will be providing that information from each game throughout the weekend of February 23-24.

We couldn’t be more excited about the young talent on the courts and continue to check back as we provide recaps and player standouts throughout.

Come out and support the young talent and teams at the Phenom Queen City Middle School Showcase, with information being found here: Event Page (Click Here) / For scores and future games (Click Here)


Saturday Scores/ Top Scorers:

Team Hope Middle School 58 V. Big Shots Elite 55 (Justin Shumaker 14pts/ Jamarious Woodbury 18pts)

Queen City Thunder 66 V. Charlotte Dragons 14u 35 (JaDivion Coffey 28pts/ Brock Rose 8pts)

Charlotte Dragons 13U 62 V. Carolina Pressure 38 (Liam Gates 13 pts/Evan Carter 16 points)

1Carolina 14U 56 V. Team Ascend 14U 47 (Keyshawn Adams 16 Pts/Khalil Campbell 14 Pts)

CB Hoops 14U 47 V. Team Loaded 704 14U 45 (Jeremiah Shipman 16 Pts/Darius Abraham 14 Pts)

Raiders 45 V. LKN1 44 (Marcel Freeman 13 pts/Ethan Morgan 10 pts)

1Carolina 14U 61 V. Big Shots Elite SC 14U 58 (Keyshawn Adams 19 Pts, Patrick Green 15 Pts)

Team Loaded 704 14U 67 V. Charlotte Dragons 14U 37 (Jordan McElldrey 17 Pts, Brock Rose 14 Pts)

Team CP3 14U 75 V. Asheville Game Changers 44 (Xavier Matthews 20 Pts, Addison Archer 20 Pts)

LKN1 2025 60 V. Grind Academy Red 55 (Jack Nelson 15 Pts, Chris Henry 12 Pts)

WNC Warriors 14U 58 V. Team Hickory 14U 47 (Zack Meyers 18 Pts, Dayton Anderson 10 Pts)

1Carolina 14U 57 V. Team Hope White 14U 48 (Keyshawn Adams 18 Pts, Miles Willis 15 Pts)

Carolina Pressure 13U 49 V. 1Carolina 35 (Evan Carter 19 pts, Ghjaleb Wilson 12 pts)

Save Sports 12U 55 V. Carolina Bad Boyz (Drew Johnson 18 pts, Jamisen Wilds 11 pts)

Team Loaded 704 14U 71 V. Queen City Thunder 14U 61 (Darius Abraham 18 Pts, Gabe Crowder 21 Pts)

1Carolina 13U 50 V. The Monarch 31 (Jackson Graham 15 pts)

Next Level SC 14U 74 V. Asheville Game Changers 14U 59 (DJ Barksdale 16 Pts, Addison Archer 13 Pts)

NC Hornets 14U 61 V. Team Hickory 14U 25 (Ollie Alford 16 Pts, Dayton Anderson 6 Pts)

Team CLT 12U 60 V. Save Sports 59 (Zae Young 18 pts, Kaleb Morrow 16 pts)

Team CP3 14U 88 V. Next Level SC 14U 68 (Jaylen Curry 21 Pts, Jayden Boyd 14 Pts)

NC Hornets 14U 78 V. WNC Warriors 14U 73 (Nicholas Corn 21 Pts, Zack Meyers 20 Pts)

Sunday Scores/ Top Scorers:

Carolina Bad Boyz 12U 51 V. LKN1 12U 50 (Khristian Bruce 14 Pts, Joseph Bruce 12 Pts)

1Carolina 14U 57 V. Team Loaded 704 14U 51 (Jameer Homes 18 Pts, Sebatian Akins 20 Pts)

Save Sports 12U 48 V. Carolina Bad Boyz 12U 45

CB Hoops 14U 65 V. Team Hope White 14U 52 (Jeremiah Shipman 14 Pts, Sean Rose 10 Pts)

Next Level SC 14U 65 V. Team Hope Red 14U 48