Game One: 1Carolina 14U (56) Vs Team Ascend 14U (47)

Team Ascend 14U

5’8 2023 Cameron Alston: 13 Points

Alston is a smooth young combo guard that can go for quick scoring bursts, giving his team a dynamic offensive threat in the backcourt.  He communicates well on the defensive end which is always a big bonus for a young player.  He’s a versatile guard that can initiate offense running the point or hurt you from the wing doing damage off the ball.

6’3 2023 Khalil Campbell: 14 Points

Campbell did a great job playing with a high motor, and as a result had a really productive game both in the scoring totals and on the glass.  His presence on the offensive glass is invaluable to this team, as Campbell continues to grow he should be a prospect to monitor over the coming years.

1Carolina 14U

6’4 2023 Keyshawn Adams: 16 Points
Probably the most intriguing long term prospect from the first game of the day, Adams is a super long wing prospect that really does his damage operating from the high post and slashing from there, but he can shoot the three ball, and is an impact defender due to his length and athleticism.  Definitely a prospect to watch closely over the coming years.

6’4 2023 Jameer Holmes: 7 Points

Another intriguing wing prospect on this 1Carolina 14U squad Holmes did more “big guy” stuff than Adams like setting screens, posting up on the block, etc, but he also can knock down catch and shoot jumpers in the mid range, and get downhill going right with relative ease.  He’s got great length and a strong frame for a young kid as well. 

Game Two: CB Hoops 14U (47) Vs Team Loaded 704 14U (45)

Team Loaded 704 14U:

6’0 2023 Najir Chambers: 4 Points

Chambers, at this point is a slightly undersized forward, but he makes up for his lack of height with his strength and strong motor.  He’s an absolute bully on the block, absolutely imposing to  kids that might be taller with more slender frames.  He has great touch around the rim and finishes through contact at an advanced point so early in his basketball career.

5’11 2023 Darius Abraham: 14 Points

Abraham can shoot the ball well from distance and does a good job getting out in transition in attack mode.  He knows how to move without the ball, beautiful shooting mechanics that will translate to high school ball.  He can also intimate offense in spots, doing a good job running the team when needed.

CB Hoops 14U:

6’3 2023 Nicholas Davis: 9 Points

Davis is a smooth young wing prospect that is capable of getting his shot off at just about any time.  He can defend multiple positions, score it from anywhere on the court, and use his length to his advantage defensively.  As he continues to grow into his body and develop better body language habits, he should be one to watch in the coming years. 

6’0 2023: Jeremiah Shipman: 16 Points

Shipman is an absolute workhorse on the block, utilizing an array of crafty moves on the block along with his strong frame to create space down there.  His touch around the basket and ability to finish through contact is really advanced for a young kid, if he continues to grow and/or refine his skillset even more, expect him to be a really productive high school player.

Game Three: Big Shots Elite SC 14U (58) Vs 1Carolina 14U (61)

Big Shots SC 14U:

5’4 2023 Trey Busby: 11 Points

Busby might be small but he made some big time shots in the 2nd half to keep his team within striking distance.  He’s a capable young point guard that can really light it up from distance, and was fearless in taking and making a lot of big time shots.  I love this kids heart and as he continues to grow he should become a nice player

6’1 2023 William Spang: 9 Points

Spang is a lengthy young shooter that plays the game with a cerebral approach and understands time and place very well for a young prospect.  He has excellent shooting mechanics and should come into a high school program ready to contribute in that aspect of the game.

1Carolina 14U:

6’4 2023 Keyshawn Adams: 19 Points

Adams continues to show his unique ability to score it from the perimeter as a long 6’4 wing.  He also does a great job moving without the ball, creating for himself with or without the ball in his hands.  He’s a soft spoken kid, but he plays with a quiet intensity, as he continues to fully grasp his understanding of the game, I truly believe that Adams has a chance to be special if he continues to work on his game.

5’9 2022 Kory Davis: 11 Points

Davis did a really good job in this one for 1Carolina in regards to running the team and limiting mistakes.  He’s a vocal leader for this group, especially on the defensive end.  Excellent vision and instincts that help get guys like Keyshawn Adams in the right position to succeed.  He’s got the tools to be a good point guard, and should continue to develop into that role at the high school level.