Game 1 on Friday night was a good one, with two of the premier teams squared off between Winston Salem Christian National vs. The Burlington School. Both teams looked to trade baskets early on, with WS Christian using their size and TBS looking to create with their guards.  A back-and-forth affair early on, TBS was able to take the narrow lead after the first quarter.  But WS Christian continued to be strong led by 2024 Lewis Walker while the outside shot started to fall, which helped them create a small cushion and eventually lead 40-32 at halftime.

The teams continued to battle back and forth in the second half, as The Burlington School would continue to attack and penetrate but WS Christian would have an answer each time.  Shots continued to fall from multiple levels for WS Christian, helping them maintain a double-digit lead at the end of the third quarter.  That lead was maintained throughout the fourth quarter, with WS Christian earning the victory.

Final: WS Christian 76 The Burlington School 65

WS: Lewis Walker 22pts, Isaiah Washington 12pts, CJ Vaughn 9pts
TBS: Zion Walker 22pts, Cam Flippen 12pts, Jordan Durham 12pts