Final game of the night, as the home team was in action, and they welcomed in Southern Durham.  Ben L. Smith and Southern Durham went to battle to start the game, with Southern Durham finding early success but it was still an offensive struggle for much of the first half.  Southern Durham was able to jump out to an early 8-point lead, but Ben L. Smith was able to get to the line time after time and chip away at the lead slowly, with Southern Durham leading by one at halftime.

The physical battle continued in the third quarter, but Ben L. Smith was able to retain the lead in the third quarter, but neither team was able to break away from each other.  Both teams seemed like they were trading blows and the energy/intensity started to really pick up.  Ben L. Smith was able to lead 41-40 at the end of the third but this one seemed to be going down to the wire. The game remained either tied or a one-possession game mostly throughout the fourth quarter as we reached under a minute in the game. Ben L. Smith was able to get to the line late to eventually secure the win at home in what was a physical battle.

Final: Ben L. Smith 57 Southern Durham 53

Smith: Gage Lattimore 23pts, Kenny Miller 14pts, Jaylon Bumpass 8pts
SD: Jackson Keith 14pts, Cam Daniels 9pts, Thomas Harte 7pts