6’9 2023 Callum Richard: Team Loaded NC 2023

Richard has all of the makings of a high level prospect, his ability to protect the rim, finish around the basket, and provide an excellent anchor on the defensive end with his communication skills.  His physical gifts and natural feel for the game allow him the chance to become an immediate impact guy at the high school level next year at Gaston Day.

6’4 2021 Kamell Smith: NC Ice 2021

Kamell is a really physically gifted combo forward that plays the game with a high level of resolve and intensity.  His ability to get to the basket at will is overwhelming for the opposition.  He has a reliable offensive arsenal on the block and in the mid-post, using a turnaround 10 footer late in the game for timely buckets.  His athleticism and court vision are also incredible assets he possesses as a prospect, he had one of the craziest poster attempts of the day and finished a couple flushes in transition.  Expect Smith to start garnering attention from schools as the school year progresses, he’s also a high level football guy. 

6’0 2021 Alex Laughlin: PSB South Sayles 10th

Laughlin is a premier marksmen from beyond the arc.  He leaves his fingerprints on every game he plays with his ability to stretch the defense and knock down shot after shot.  Despite being undersized as an off-ball guard, he shows the ability to make up for it on the defensive end with his energy level and anticipation skills, as he continues to physically develop, expect Laughlin to continue his progression as a prospect.

6’6 2021 Zy’Shawn Appling: Royal Knights 16U

Appling is an interesting prospect with his unique blend of size, footwork, and motor.  He plays a productive brand of basketball, particularly on the glass.  He has a wide body and knows how to use it, the next step for Appling is refining his touch around the rim, and adding to his spacial awareness on the offensive end.  There’s a lot to like here, definitely keep this name in your memory bank moving forward. 

6’6 2021 Luke Krawczyk: PSB Elite Jones 16u

Luke is a really intriguing prospect moving forward with his combination of size, shooting touch, and understanding of the game.  He’s an extremely coachable kid that understands and fulfills his role to the best of his abilities.  He’s comfortable operating in multiple areas on the offensive end.  He can pick and pop, attack from the wing, or post up and do it all with a nice level of efficiency.  This is the kind of team where just about everyone on the roster has a chance to stand out on any given night and he showed that he can get the job done all over the court. 

6’5 2022 Adam Vincent: NC Spartans West

Vincent is a guy that I’ve heard a lot about recently and it’s easy to see why.  The 6’4 wing guard showed flashes of athleticism, proficiency from beyond the arc, and a lot of defensive upside playing 2 years up.  He was unquestionably the best prospect on the court and should see his stock continue to rise playing on one of the best teams in the state at Piedmont Classical.  He’s an exciting player to watch with his above the rim tendencies and should continue to catch the attention of scouts and college coaches throughout the weekend with the Spartans. 

6’2 2022 Jaden Hicklin: Next Level SC

Hicklin is one of those kids that makes you look twice when you see what grade he is in due to how physically developed he is.  He’s more of an undersized forward at this point due to the lack of consistency in his perimeter skills but he shows that he can still develop those areas in the next few years.  What he is right now is an incredibly high motor young wing that can dominate a game with his physical and athletic gifts.  One of the better 2022’s in South Carolina I’ve seen thus far and should be one to watch closely if he continues to develop.