Player: Jesse “Yoshi” Nimmo
Class: 2024
Height: 6’5

Phenom Hoops’ Patrick O’Brien went out to San Diego, California to check out the talent at the Phenom America National Camp, a camp that brought talent from around the country all under one building.  A terrific and eye-opening event, we had a chance to watch several intriguing and new players on the floor, and one player that caught my eyes is 2024 Jesse “Yoshi” Nimmo.

Coming into the camp, he was a name that we had on our radar and really wanted to get a chance to view.  And after watching him countless times throughout the camp, it was clear that Nimmo was one of the top players at the event and showed why all throughout.  Here is what was said after viewing his game:

“2024 6’6 Yoshi Nimmo was a name that many had heard, and we got our first viewing. Quite impressed with his athleticism, his ability to operate and knock down shots, but also play multiple positions for his team. Versatility and size.”

Nimmo is one that I believe can play at the next level. He has a great frame and size, and what equally impressed me is how he operated on the court. Nimmo is a versatile prospect but one that is still developing his overall feel.  He was able to make plays down low in the post, finishing strong and aggressive, but was also able to showcase his bounce in finishing at the rim or stepping out and being a threat with his jumper.  A capable ball-handler, creates well for himself, and also can operate within the flow of the offense.  But again, still believe that there is untapped potential to his game, which makes him even more intriguing for a college program. 

Nimmo though is certainly one that I would be looking at more.