2024 Malik Abdullahi ' Committed to Princeton

Abdullahi is a 6'7 athletic prospect who should be able to flourish at Princeton. He brings size, versatility, and of course, athleticism that should allow him to bring a positive impact to the court.' He has played on the Phenom platform before, where we had this to say:

'2024 6’6 Malik Abdullahi (Team Hardaway) grabs your attention with his early frame but has a really good skill set.' Looks comfortable in several areas and can play multiple positions.' ' Patrick O'Brien in 2021

2024 Sebastian Akins ' Committed to Denver

Akins has been rising up the ranks with his play, as he is a high IQ guard who has shown his ability to lead, run the offense and create for his teammates, and also step up as an offensive scorer when he needs to be. Akins is crafty in scoring off the dribble, has good body control, and has a smooth shot from multiple levels. He should be a very good option for Denver.

2024 Kyle Greene Jr. ' Committed to UCF

UCF earned a very good commitment in the last week in 2024 KJ Greene, a player we have been high on and should be a strong piece for the future. Greene can be a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands, using his length well, seeing the floor, and being that strong scoring option. And we can't wait for him to showcase his smooth feel and also how he continues to develop.  We talked about Greene extensively in 2022, as you can read more about his game here: https://phenomhoopreport.com/running-the-show-at-an-elite-level-2024-kj-greene-jr-upward-stars/

2024 Trent Perry ' Committed to USC

Though Perry isn't a Phenom Alum, he is one that we have watched on several occasions and have absolutely loved.  We recently saw him at the Border League, where he decided on the Trojans, as he gave you a bit of everything. Smooth feel and scorer, strong off the bounce but also just as confident from the perimeter.  I've been extremely high on him when I've watched him and think he will be a big name in the coming years!

2024 Macon Emory ' Committed to Delaware

Emory is a name that some may have not heard about but is a developed 6'8 prospect that is long and can be used in a variety of ways. With his length, he is able to showcase his bounce and ability to knock down shots from multiple levels, along with his quick release. He should be a nice developing prospect down the road.

2024 Jase Richardson Jr. ' Committed to Michigan State

Richardson is another player that hasn't been on the Phenom platform, but that doesn't mean we haven't watched him over the years.  Richardson is a player we just watched even more this weekend, as he is a guard that plays with athleticism, a high motor, creates well for himself, and can knock down shots off the catch.

'Jase is one that plays big, understands how to create space, and does a nice job in scoring from multiple levels.'

2024 Pharaoh Compton ' Commits to San Diego State

It was a great week for San Diego State, as they landed two key pieces for the future and Compton is a player, we have watched a few times before.  And it doesn't take long to understand what he brings to the table, as he has a strong work-ethic, battles really well and is relentless with his play around the basket, on the boards, and battling on both sides. Great pick up for the Aztecs.

Other Commitments:

2025 Braden Frager ' Commits to Nebraska
2024 Mitchell Holmes ' Commits to SMU
2024 Chase McCarty ' Commits to Houston
2024 Blake Ammons ' Commits to Kansas City
2024 Andrew Crawford ' Commits to Colorado
2024 David Majak ' Commits to San Diego State
2024 Drew Bessette ' Commits to Vermont
2024 Liam McNeeley ' Commits to Indiana
2024 Bradyn Foster ' Commits to Penn
2024 Jovan Milicevic ' Commits to New Mexico