It is finally here.  The AAU season kicks off in style with Phenom Hoops, as we head to Greensboro to open the season with the Phenom Opening. Players of all ages will come to North Carolina in hopes to compete and start the season off.

This will be a CAN’T MISS EVENT, as we may have never started off the season with this much talent on so many levels.  That is why we are hoping to get everyone excited as much as we are.  Get to the event early, as we expect this event to be a packed house.

To start the buzz around the Phenom Opening, Phenom Hoops is providing a small preview of players to watch for at the event.  Check out the names below.

Team: Team Winston 17u

2020 6’3 Max Rogers

Phenom Hoops said: Few guys have scored the ball with more efficiency than Rogers, who has been getting it done from all three levels and showcasing his ability to toggle between operating with and without the ball. He plays with great decisiveness and makes intelligent/heady decisions with the ball in his hands. – at NC Phenom 150

2020 6’5 Jacari Outlaw

Phenom Hoops said: He’s a long wing prospect with nice size and excellent three-level scoring ability. Outlaw is somewhat of a quiet presence, but does exceptionally well at operating within his role and applying constant scoring pressure. He is a useful defender, but has even more potential given his length and ability to switch across multiple positions. – NC Phenom 150

2019 6’7 Zack Austin

Phenom Hoops said: He’s quite versatile and possesses a quality mix of offensive skills for his size. Austin is capable of scoring the ball on all three levels and has continued to develop the consistency of his three-point stroke. He is long, rangy, and understands how to properly utilize his length to his advantage. Austin offers a terrific balance between IQ, skill, athleticism, and long-term upside, even though he’s already productive. – Unsigned senior