Phenom Hoops went out on a late Friday night to check in on another fall league, getting a chance to watch the talent that will once again be on display during the high school season.  We take a look at the players we saw, making notes of what each team could potentially look like once the season starts. 

This time around, we take a look at the potential roster for Weddington.

Chase Lowe

2022 Chase Lowe: Does a tremendous job of blending his game as a scorer and distributor.  He showcases a natural feel in transition, aggressively attacks defenders, and makes smart plays on the floor, whether it is knowing when to score or when to distribute.  Tremendous motor and a great size for the position.  Lowe is one that makes a ton of plays for this team and will look to do so once again this upcoming season.

2022 AJ Cook: A smaller guard but one that can really be a knockdown shooter.  Cook should look to provide another ball-handler on the court but also continue to showcase his perimeter shooting, something he showed a TON of this summer.  And when he gets hot, he can fill it up quickly.

2021 Brock Bowen: Just another shooter for this team.  He gets to his spots and can let it fly, knocking down shots from the perimeter, while also showing the ability to create and find others.  Took advantage of the opportunities given to him without being a main focal point and is just another prospect that can lead the charge for this team.

2022 Kyle Frazier: He is a player that can make an impact in multiple ways.  Really like his toughness on the court, ability to battle against opponents, be scrappy on the boards and be an effective scorer when needed. What you have to like about his game is that he can step up and be a scoring threat when needed but also do what is needed for this team as well, something he showed all summer long.

They will also have players like Jack Werdann, Alex Bates, and other step up when the opportunity is there.

Overall, this is a fundamental, unselfish team that is going to win a lot of games with how active they are on both ends.  They put in the work and have no problem sharing the ball, having others find success on the court.  Lowe looks to be one of the key focal points again this season but this is a team that can have several different players step on a given night.