Duo Guard leading the Way

2026 Rassell Young and 2025 Jayln Connor will quickly be the two names that stand out and deservingly so, as they have proven to be two strong weapons and shooters for this team.  Young continues to impress and be that dynamic guard hat plays with swagger on the court.  He is terrific in making plays off the bounce and scoring with flare in a variety of ways, which is why more schools will be coming his way. Connor can be that dynamic weapon as a shooter, as time after time he has shown that he can light it up from deep but he is doing more in creating off the bounce.  These two should certainly be names to watch once again for the Mavs.

Other Players to Watch For:

2024 6'4 Brendan Ridge captured some eyes with his play. With a team full of guards, he does provide some intriguing length and is one that will be able to make plays, help guard multiple positions, get out in transition, and be a player who can provide production on the court.

2025 Jordan Washington would be a name to watch for if everything falls in line, as the staff believe that he could help bring a three-headed monster at the guard position with Young and Connor.  He plays with a good understanding of the game, is effective and efficient, makes good decisions, and can really help in being another weapon for this team offensively.

2025 Chris Johnson and 2024 Gary Davis could be two other players that should help this team as far as production and being valuable role players for this team.


Young and Connor will be two of the go-to players, but players like Washington and Ridge (among others) will help fill in the pieces for this team.  Young has a chance to make an even bigger name for himself, with big-time programs certainly taking notice.  Overall, this is a team that has plenty of guards much like they have had in the past, so they will be looking to push the tempo and using their speed to attack.  But without much size at the moment, it will also be a group effort for this team.