By: Cooper Hart

On Friday Night, Phenom Hoops stopped by GRACE Christian School in Raleigh to check out the 2023-24 Eagles. They're coming off a 21-14 record where they tied for 1st in the CCC and returned 7 of their top 10 scorers.

6'1' '24 Steven McLeod

McLeod set the tone throughout the night with his energy and intensity, establishing himself as a leader on this year's team. He's an athletic guard with a burst and a strong frame. He gets downhill with relative ease and thrives finishing around the rim. His shooting mechanics look smoother, and it should be an area we see noticeable improvement in this season. Defensively, his motor and athleticism make him a tough matchup for guards who can't match his physical traits.

6'5' '26 Michael Phillips II

Phillips is a player we at Phenom Hoops have talked about extensively over the past handful of months. He's come along quickly and looks more and more comfortable with the ball in his hands with every viewing. He has great length and has seen growth in his athletic pop, allowing him to become an even more disruptive and impactful defender. He's very smooth when getting to his spots and has fluid shooting mechanics regardless of shot type.

6'2' '24 Noah Kyritsis

Kyritsis is a solid all-around player who specializes in shooting. He's a knockdown outside shooter, especially off the catch. He moves off the ball well and knows how to find small pockets of open space. He's a smart cutter, a capable finisher, and can hit 1-2 dribble pull-ups when needed. He will be an important senior leader who should play key minutes this season.

6'7' '24 Dylan Couse

Couse is a developing big man who's made significant strides in the past 8 months. He has solid hands, instincts, and footwork, all of which will allow him to produce in a much larger way this season. He plays with a high motor and has a clear understanding of his role on both ends of the floor.

6'1' '25 Malachi Tate

Tate will be an x-factor of sorts in this backcourt rotation. He's clearly one of the vocal leaders for this group as he was consistently the loudest player in the gym. He jumps out as a smart, athletic, and tough two-way guard. He's a respectable shooter, a quality playmaker, and showed some flashes as a shotmaker. Defensively, he's as tough as they come, priding himself on his physicality and ability to make opponents uncomfortable.

6'2' '25 Isaiah Knight

Knight, like Tate, will be an x-factor off the bench in this deep backcourt. He has incredible length, especially for his position, that he takes advantage of. He was constantly in passing lanes, contesting shots at the rim, and winning 50-50 balls. He shot the ball at a high level and looked comfortable creating for himself and others.


6'1' '24 Quasim Oden
5'10' '24 Grant Lyon

Other Names to Know

6'3' '25 Toure Napier-Rowell
5'10' '26 Jackson Smith
5'11' '28 Colinn Morris