Game number two kicked off in the arena between Concord Academy and Trinity Christian.  These two teams went at it early on, with neither creating any separation early on. 

With Concord holding a narrow lead, they started to get it done on both ends, making it tough for Trinity Christian to score but also getting out and attacking the defense.  Before we one knew it, Concord Academy created double-digit separation by the end of the third quarter, eventually creating a 20-point cushion.

From then on, Concord Academy was able to cruise and hold their 20-point cushion throughout, as Trinity Christian struggled to put the ball in the basket like they did in the first half and couldn’t slow down Concord.

Final: Concord Academy 72 – Trinity Christian 48

Stat Leaders:
Concord Academy:
Trae Benham 25 points
Tyler Fearne 15 points
Javian Cannady 10 points

Trinity Christian:
Freddie Dilione 11 points
Steven Lassiter 10 points
Jamori McDougald 9 points


2021 Trae Benham (Concord Academy): Benham was off the charts, especially showing that ability to be a big-time shot maker from the perimeter.  He got it going in the first half with five three-pointers and continued from there, really showing that he is one of the go-to leaders for this team all year long.

2021 Javian Cannady (Concord Academy): Cannady is a long prospect and really helps this team in multiple ways. Helps provide a ball-handler on the court, can get downhill and score well in transition, and also can be a nice two-way player on the court. 

2022 Freddie Dilione (Trinity Christian): It was a struggle for the team overall but Dilione gave us flashes of why more schools are coming his way. Long wing prospect that plays with a great pace, smooth feel, and has a nice mixture of how he can effectively attack and score.