Height: 6'4

Class: 2026

School: Grace Christian

Travel Team: Harvest Development Academy

What Was Recently Said:

Next, we look at a player who highlighted a lot of ability prior to being sidelined with an injury, Michael Phillips. He's a long, wiry wing prospect with great quickness and the ability to fill in the gaps as needed. Phillips is a capable penetrator and finisher with the necessary vision to make proper passes to open teammates. He displayed solid ability in the midrange and worked effectively within the flow of the action. Next in his development process is working on getting stronger, as it would make him a more physically imposing player on both ends of the floor. Coach Broome on Phillips: 'Michael got hurt during camp. He had a positive attitude. Michael showed some positive flashes but needs to work on getting tougher and developing his body.' Phillips made a solid impact prior to his injury, and will be a prospect to watch going forward at Grace Christian. 

What To Expect:

After growing and showing clear development throughout the summer, there should be a ton of optimism surrounding Phillips. He's a long, fairly skilled wing prospect who is already quite impactful yet truly just beginning to harness his long-term abilities. Phillips can handle and pass the ball nicely for his size, but also displays useful scoring instincts and the understanding of how to mix it up offensively. He's a capable perimeter shooter, but typically prefers to get downhill and attack the basket. Phillips utilizes his length really well to disrupt opponents defensively, force turnovers, and finish inside the paint. He plays hard and competes well for rebounds on both ends of the floor. Phillips should be a definite leader for Grace Christian over the foreseeable future, so it'll be exciting to watch his continued development.