Class: 2025

School:'Moravian Prep

Travel Team: B.Maze Elite

What Was Recently Said:

Upon making his returning appearance with this group, it's safe to say the vast majority of spectators were impressed with 6'5 '24 Bobby Hardison. Already a talented player prior to his season at Hargrave, Hardison has grown multiple inches while making clear strides as an overall prospect. Despite already having IQ, poise, and confidence'each of those traits has only gotten stronger. He's smart, crafty, and well-rounded with the ability to play with or without the ball in his hands. Hardison shoots the ball at a high percentage, attacks well off the bounce, and can pull-up, finish around the basket, or set up others. He contains his assignment well defensively and rebounds the ball at a quality rate (especially for his size/position). Hardison is also great in transition and is capable of producing in various different roles. It'll be interesting to see how his recruitment unfolds going forward, as he'll be a major piece for this group. Various types of programs should be extending offers. 

What To Expect:

Although Moravian Prep will be loaded with guards, Hardison will bring his own useful dynamic to the table. At 6-foot-5, he's the biggest of their backcourt pieces. That being said, Hardison is also a quality shooting threat with athleticism and a crafty approach. He's shown the ability to make an impact with or without the ball in his hands, which only increases his value playing alongside a primary option like Eli Ellis. Hardison can initiate the offense, create for himself and others, or find opportunities as a cutter or spot-up threat. He understands how to get to his spots in transition but is also capable of starting the break and making decisions with the ball in his hands. Hardison also possesses solid instincts and clear upside as a defender. He's useful in a variety of different roles, so it'll be exciting to see how he develops and appeals to college coaches over these next two seasons.