Height: 6'6

Class: 2025

School: Greensboro Day School

Travel Team: Team Legend

What Was Recently Said:

Between everything he showcased last year, one should expect Newkirk to thrive in an expanded leadership role for the Bengals. He's an incredibly smart, versatile wing/forward with an all-around skillset and a unique level of unselfishness. As someone who truly doesn't care much about scoring (yet can apply constant pressure), Newkirk is basically an anomaly in the current high school landscape. He makes the right play with incredible consistency on both ends of the floor. Newkirk is always engaged as a defender, rebounder, and playmaker. He's the first guy diving on the floor, making the extra pass, or positioning himself to take a charge. Newkirk is simply a winning player, and hopefully college coaches will become wise to this sooner than later. 

What To Expect:

Although the Bengals are expected to maintain their reign of dominance, it'll be interesting to see how they perform with someone like Newkirk in an increased leadership role. For someone who consistently impacts all facets of the game, he doesn't have much desire to try and outshine his surrounding teammates. Newkirk is a smart, skilled, all-around wing/forward prospect with some of the most impressive (yet subtle) instincts throughout North Carolina. Offensively, he's capable of doing everything. Whether initiating the offense, attacking off the bounce, cutting without the ball, or applying scoring pressure from all levels, Newkirk is extremely reliable. He naturally plays within the team structure and always looks to make the right play with the ball in his hands. Newkirk also consistently rebounds and defends multiple positions with relative ease. He's the type of player that impacts winning in virtually every possible way. Expect him to warrant a lot of attention from college coaches during the upcoming season.