It was All-Star weekend in the state of North Carolina.  The stars were out in Charlotte, with names comes from the Hoop State of North Carolina.  So, Phenom Hoops wanted to have a little fun of our own with a little All-Star flavor. 

Each of our scouts had a chance to state who would be in their All-Star lineup from the state of North Carolina, no matter if they were in the senior or freshman.  So, each one provided their starting five All-Star lineup, along with their 6th man.  After that, who would be their participate in the dunk contest and 3-point contest.   

See what they had to say below. 

Team Lewis

PG: Jalen Cone: One of the most explosive point guards in the country. Can score at ease but has the ability to be a play-making PG as well. One of the best competitors in the state. 

SG: Wendell Moore: Can take over a game at even given time but allows his teammates to make plays. Knows how to play the Alpha Dog role or be one of the best teammates. 

SF: Patrick Williams: Can play the “point forward” position, but probably the best mismatch player in the state. Can post up in the paint or step out and be one of the most effective perimeter players. 

PF: Isaiah Todd: The most skilled and gifted player in the state. Can score from all three levels. Has impeccable feel for the game. 

C: Day’Ron Sharpe: Most dominant back to basket center. A true big that knows and understands his role/position. Best rebounder in the state regardless of class. 

6th man: Greg Gantt: One of the top two-way players in the state. Can guard and play multiple positions. Has improved perimeter game, but can turn a game around with his defensive intensity.

Team Shaw 

PG: Keyshaun Langley: Other players are probably more highly rated, but none could be considered as much of a winner. I have 4 other positions of guys who can put the ball in the hole, I need Langley to run my team and defend his position. Langley plays mistake free basketball, with a touch of flair and is an incredible on the ball defender. I want that to be running my group of all stars. 

SG: MJ Rice: Rice, in my humbled opinion, is the best player in North Carolina in the 2020-2022 classes. He can handle, shoot and pass. He is ridiculously explosive and can rebound his position very well. Rice is a team guy, who plays team basketball and just so happens to be among the elite nationally.  

SF: Wendell Moore: Moore is the ultimate gamer and winner. He is a 2-way player who will be hard to take off the floor. He is next in line at Duke as a probably one and done type player. The ultimate competitor makes everyone on the floor better.  

PF: Greg Gantt: The state’s best, and most versatile, defender. He is able to guard all over the floor, playing lock down defense on both the perimeter and interior. He has great length and athleticism and some versatility on offense. In today’s day of position-less basketball, Gantt fits that to a “t”.

C: Kadin Shedrick: Best upside mixed with the best production of any player in the state, at this position. He is switchable with his ability to move his feet on defense and is the ultimate rim protector. Shedrick is a low block presence but is also able to create for self and others at the top of the key or from the high post.  

6th man: Isaiah Todd: Versatility as a shot creator and a rim protector provides incredible value on this team.  He is a knock down shooter, with deep range, to provide spacing and with his upside on defense we would be able to provide a lot of different looks.

Team Bendel

PG: Christian Hampton: This selection might surprise some folks, but Hampton earns his “All-Star” spot based on his ability to control the game on both sides of the ball. He’s an underrated offensive player with phenomenal play-making instincts and show-stopping athleticism. If this were the NBA, many analysts would also point at his drastic improvement as a three-point shooter. 

SG: Wendell Moore: There’s no real need to explain this selection, as Moore has been the most polished, well-rounded winner in North Carolina for quite a while. His natural leadership allows him to place emphasis on creating for others, but also take over when necessary. Moore is the best all-around player and should make an excellent captain for my All-Star team.  

SF: MJ Rice: This might be frowned upon, as inserting Rice is like allowing a rookie to take part in the All-Star game, but whatever. No freshman has been in his realm of dominance this season, especially physically, and he’s already performing at an extremely high level on both ends of the floor. Rice also had a possibility to be the selection for the dunk contest.  

PF: Patrick Williams: In terms of talent and fit, no player can match the perfect placement of Williams within this lineup. He’s a walking mismatch on offense, armed with length, athleticism, terrific feel, and incredibly efficient three-level scoring chops. Williams can toggle between forward positions whenever necessary and doesn’t need the ball to be successful. 

C: Isaiah Todd: Though he’s certainly not a traditional center, Todd gets the final selection for this All-Star lineup and gives our squad some ridiculous flexibility on both sides of the ball. There’s simply nothing that can restrict Todd from doing whatever he desires on the court and it’s virtually impossible to create a powerhouse team without him. 

6th man: Josh Nickelberry: The label of “sixth man” typically means “instant offense,” which is exactly why Nickelberry claims our only bench spot. In terms of sheer scoring, there’s nobody in North Carolina that can get it done like him. When Nickelberry steps in, we’ll plan to push the pace and run our opponents out of the gym. 

Teams Masercola

PG: Jalen Cone: He’s one of the best scorers in America, but often doesn’t get credit for the other things he does, one of the best leaders I’ve seen at the HS level and continues to impress with the different nuances of the game he understands so well.  A dynamic talent. 

SG: Wendell Moore: He can run your team, get downhill on anybody guarding him, and do a lot of damage off the ball, he’s a super versatile piece to a super talented group. 

SF: Patrick Williams: I’ll take the 6’8 kid that can do any and everything for a team, he’s super long, can let it fly from super deep, and will put it on your head in a moment’s notice. 

PF:  Isaiah Todd: His ability to score it at all three levels and create for himself is just overwhelming.  He’s also one of the best rim protectors this state has to offer. 

C: Day’Ron Sharpe: Due to his willingness to fight for rebounds, set good screens and the ability to be really productive with relatively limited touches. 

6th man: Elijah Jamison: He’s one of the best pure scoring combo guards this state has to offer, has the kind of skill set where you can turn him loose off the bench or have him come in, run the team, and get his guys involved. A super versatile backcourt piece.


Dunk Contest Participants: 

Masercola: Shakeel Moore: This one’s easy for me, he handled the NC Top 80 contest against some of the highest flyers in NC in 2018 and 2019 wouldn’t be any different, he has a lot of tricks in his bag, and at 6’1 he is short enough to make everything look incredible.  An absolute No Brainer.   

Lewis: Shakeel Moore: Previous NC Top 80 Slam Dunk Champion. Got to love the smaller guys that have the most explosiveness and vertical. He brings creativity and power at his size.

Shaw: Jalen McDonald: McDonald has a great mix of explosion, length and dexterity. I think he could be the most versatile in the air with the basketball, but will he keep it simple enough to lead up to the finals with dunks he knows he can make on the first try. I think there are some tricks up his sleeve, eager to see him compete in the NC Top 80 dunk contest. 

Bendel: Derricko Williams: There were many excellent candidates for this category, but Williams is still arguably the most impressive all-around athlete in North Carolina and gets the nod for the dunk contest.

Three-Point Contest Participants: 

Masercola: Carson McCorckle: One of the best marksmen this state has to offer and he’s always been clutch in the big moments, understands how to succeed under pressure. 

Lewis: Josh Nickleberry: one of the top shooters in the state. Has quick release and has the ability to get on a roll. Has shooters mentality. His next shot is always going in. 

Shaw: JC Tharrington: Tharrington has consistently shot the cover off the ball, at the highest level, throughout his high school career. He shot 50% from 3 last season and led the attack for the Top ranked 4A team in the NCISAA throughout the season. Tried and true, no lights to bright for him.  

Bendel: Max Farthing: There should be very little explanation required here. Farthing is objectively the best three-point shooter in the state and possesses consistent, repeatable shooting mechanics.