#3 4’5 2032 Miles Hollinghead (Madison)

Starting off, we look at one of the youngest players at the camp but one that brought a tremendous attitude and was very coachable all throughout the camp.  He brought a solid overall game at his age and was able to make an impact in a variety of ways. He offered a steady, reliable presence on both ends of the floor. He is a tough, unselfish, well-rounded player and he plays with grit and toughness that coaches love to see.  He has a chance to become something special down the road as he continues to develop and work on his game.  Hollingwood has a true love for the game and that is something you can’t teach.  We are excited to see how he continues to work on his game and add pieces down the road.

#4 4’6 2031 Landon Norman (State Road)

Next off, we look at Landon Norman, a player who was a joy to watch on the court and was able to show flashes of his overall game and potential at a young age.  Norman was one a hard worker all throughout the camp, really competing and battling when he was on the court.  He is a quick guard that can get from end to end in a blur.  He made terrific reads for a player at his age, really showing vision and court awareness. He is a scrappy defender as well with nice instincts. Norman played with a high motor to go along with his high character as a player. He is a big man in a small body willing to do what is needed for his team. He stood out all throughout the camp as a leader to his coach and played with a strong attitude.

#11 4’9 2031 Seth Crews (Creedmoor)

Continuing on, we look at a smart player that was able to make his presence felt in many ways but also is one that should only continue to develop into a player to watch.  He is one that thinks the game, one that is smart and well-rounded with what he provides to his team and teammates.  He is a reliable scorer from multiple levels and showed his capabilities of being a playmaker for himself and others.  Crews did a nice job in breaking down defenders and getting the ball to his teammates.  What we also liked about his game was his pure will and effort on both ends of the court.  Crews made his impact felt all throughout and should only continue to work on the little things in his game, as he made his name known at the camp.

#12 4’10 2031 Ayden Pitts (Winston-Salem)

Pitts was one that really made a lasting impression on his coaches and with the scouts on deck.  He was able to bring a strong overall feel for the game as a player at his age but was also able to show flashes of what he could be with more work in his game.  He was strong and consistent with his shooting, showing a smooth release and range in his game.  He already knows how to thrive as a spot-up threat but can also attack the basket well. He is very aggressive on the offensive end of the floor and plays hard.  We never saw him take a plays off, showing that competitive nature and tremendous attitude for the game.  He made his presence felt extremely well on both sides of the ball throughout the camp and we are eager to see how he continues to develop.

#18 5’0 2030 Zane Bodnar (Biltmore Lake)

Next up, we look at a player that possesses the necessary tools to become a strong player in the coming years.  Bodnar brings good size and was a team player throughout the camp, moving well without the ball, making plays for himself and others, and made strong plays throughout. He utilizes his toughness and motor to cause a lot of problems for opponents defensively. Bodnar moved his feel and brought a scrappy feel both on and off the ball.  He stayed active throughout the game and was a willing passer with good court vision. He was also aggressive and assertive on the boards, really looking to do the dirty work for his team.  Overall, Bodnar had a good showing at the camp and was a strong asset to his team all throughout.

#19 5’1 2030 Dylan Smith (Columbia)

Continuing on, we look at a player that showcased a good offensive array and really excelled in showing his quickness on the court throughout the camp.  Smith is a lights out shooter from multiple areas on the court, scoring inside the arc consistently but also confident from the perimeter with solid release and mechanics.  But he didn’t just settle for his shot, as he made smart decisions in getting his teammates involved and making smart passes. He played hard defensively and forced a lot of turnovers . We really liked his shot selection all throughout, as he passed on a good shot for a better one.  He is just one of the young players that understands the game at a high level at his age, and that should only continue to shine in the coming years.  Keep an eye out for sure on Smith as he continues to develop.

#36 5’5 2032 Patrick Minaya (Purlear)

Next up, we have a player that really captured the eyes of his coaches and impressed them in a big way. Minaya already brings tremendous size and feel for the game for a player at his age.  He was able to effortlessly create for himself and others. He can score from anywhere on the court.  Minaya excelled out in transition and in the halfcourt, showing he is a threat no matter where he is. He knows how to play without the ball, moving well and creating opportunities. He has a very calm demeanor and doesn’t’ get flustered at all. He has a skillset beyond his years and is crafty as well as smart.  He will be a prospect down the road to watch closely, as he excelled in a variety of ways on both ends throughout the camp. 

#37 5’5 2030 Preston Crews (Creedmoor)

Lastly, we take a look at a young prospect that has promise in his game and provided a lot of energy to the team.  Crews is one that made all the necessary hustle plays for his team, running the floor hard in transition, and putting his body on the line to help his team. He had non-stop energy at the camp, something his coaches loved to see. He has a very good skillset at his age and plays defense with passion, looking to create havoc and competing against opponents. He was able to play with tremendous enthusiasm for the game and was extremely coachable.  Offensively, he made his presence felt and battled hard, much like he did on the defensive end.  As Crews continues to develop and add more to his game, he should be one to watch and don’t ever lose that energy you play with on the court.