Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn’t mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let’s dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.

NC Spartans 17u Pittman

2024 6’2 Coleman Lawhon – Lawhon had a good showing, continuing to be that knockdown shooter on the court, active on the defensive end, and really establishes himself as a player that can impact the game in a variety of ways and on both ends.

2024 6’5 Jordan Dancy – As they put it, Dancy is the definition of hustle.  He is one that moves well, has good size and frame, displays the ability to run the floor and move well, finishes strong in traffic and in the paint, and can be an effective weapon on the boards. Dancy fits the mold of a player that can help a program.

2024 6’9 Luke Morgan – Morgan had some big flashes in his game, and you can’t say that he doesn’t bring intrigue.  He is long, moves well, has a good wingspan, is active around the basket, and can finish with touch around the basket, but is versatile in his ability to step out with his jumper for multiple levels.

2024 6’3 Zackery Goodman – He is a wiry, skilled wing with length, athleticism, and an offensive game that is polished.  He finishes well, hits jumpers, and fills in the gaps effectively on the court, while also staying engaged defensively.  Plays within the framework of the team.

2025 6’6 Jackson Powers – Powers is a stretch forward that has shown to be a double-double prospect.  He continues to make progress with his game, active all around the paint and strong on the boards, and just has a knack of finding ways to get the ball in his hands.

NC Spartans 17u Patton

One player that really captured my eyes was 2025 6’5 Asher Tolbert.  He really played well all throughout the weekend, leading the team in averaging 18ppg.  He has the size you like to go along with the length, he has the ability to score off the bounce and can be a huge threat from outside as he knocked down multiple threes in each game.  2024 5’10 Malcolm Edwards and 2024 6’6 Jordan Richardson were also key pieces on the court; Edwards created and knocked down shots while Richardson was a strong impact around the basket but can stretch the floor well.

NC Spartans 17u Lindell

I have and will continue to say that 2024 6’7 Taky Prosper is a college-level player that is blossoming right before our eyes.  He has a lot to like, and he has only been playing about two years of basketball. Prosper is physical, he is demanding around the basket and on the boards and has really added more to his game by being an effective scoring option.  Athletic, physical, strong… Prosper should be one to jump on.

NC Spartans 17u Liles

This is a team that is loaded with talent and already has the attention of college coaches. 2024 Cooper Jackson is a 6’7 physical forward that competes, brings a football mentality to the court, is strong around the basket and through contact, and really brings a strong presence.  2024 6’9 Cal Barrett has the size that you love to go along with a very good skill set. He can operate from so many levels, knock down shots, stretch the floor, or be an impact around the basket; moves really well. 2024 John Campbell had a huge April, as he really opened up more with his overall offensive skill set. Yes, he is tremendously athletic, but he can create for himself, is tremendous in transition, and uses his 6’4 size to bring versatility and an overall winning impact to his team.  2024 6’6 Camden Edmonds is an absolute scorer and can be efficient from all three levels; he creates well for himself, rises over defenders, and has good athleticism to his game.