Southlake Christian: 9 14 12 15 – 50
Providence: 8 6 13 13 – 40


Southlake Christian:

2021 6’9 Jonathan Kurtas: The junior big is one to keep an eye on.  Kurtas has good size and feel in the post, getting and sealing defenders on his back and being able to read defenders.  He has good hands in receiving the pass inside, making quick decisive moves when available but also being patent and getting a read on opponents.  Kurtas did much of his work roaming around the paint and near the free-throw line, using his size to his advantage.  He also rebounded well. Stats: 15 points

2021 6’3 Zachary Duguid: Liked his ability to play on both sides of the floor.  Offensively, he played strong and got downhill towards the rim.  Defensively, he was in the opponents’ face for much of the night.  Solid two-way player. Stats: 7 points

2020 6’0 Tucker Watson: Plays with a high IQ and picks his lanes to attack.  Probably the strongest ball handler for Southlake Christian, he makes smart decisions, has a good motor, and can score on multiple levels. Stats: 13 points

2022 6’8 Micah Handlogten: Still raw offensively, he shows early signs that he is comfortable stretching the defense around the perimeter and has solid vision on the floor. 

With intriguing size and mobility early on, keep track of the young sophomore.


2022 6’2 Adam Buckler: Even though he is playing out of position with his size, he works incredibly hard on the floor and creates openings for himself even down low in the paint.  Buckler has a good motor and touch for someone at 6’2 playing out of position. Stats: 11 points

2020 6’2 Hayden Joiner: Coming off an injury that had him sidelined not long ago, Joiner was one of a few scoring threats for Providence.  He played strong all game long and consistently scored inside the arc.  Stats: 15 points