Javonte Tillery 5’11 150 2022 Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond VA

Javonte is an elite athlete, a slippery and quick guard with tremendous ball-handling skills and vision.  He is a dynamic playmaker who uses explosive starts and stops, shifty and quick dribble moves and great body control while slicing through the lane as a threat to find an open cutter out of nowhere or get to the rim and score.  He’s a dynamic playmaker but not just because of his crafty playmaking skills, athleticism, and ultra-quick handle, Javonte is cerebral and knows how to run a team.  He makes great decisions; he attacks angles and uses his dribble to move defenses and make a play.  A natural point guard!  He is so good in transition; he can make a dribble move at great speed and not lose a step and always looks to attack.

Javonte is also a creative scorer who uses an assortment skillfully executed floaters to score over taller defenders and is so quick and elusive attacking the basket he seemingly gets to the rim at will.  He’s very good off the dribble and uses quick stop and pop action where his stops are so abrupt defenders often stagger backward creating the separation needed to get his shot off. Javonte is as crafty as any playmaker in his class and will soon be on everyone’s radar!  Defensively he is high motor and scrappy! Very good defending the dribble using cat-quick hands and feet and can take the ball away from a dribbler at any moment.  He’s so quick off the ball any pass is a risky one as long as he is on the floor. Javonte is gifted with all the tools and intangibles to be a game-changing floor general and will soon become a known commodity throughout Virginia!  College coaches should make a point to see him in action!