Phenom Hoops was on the road again Thursday night, making our first stop at Gaston Day as they welcomed in O’Neal School for a playoff showdown.  Getting started in the game, there were several fouls called early on that slowed down the game early on, with Gaston Day holding the narrow 15-9 lead after the first quarter.  Second quarter though, Gaston Day started to strut their firepower both inside and out, as they quickly went up double-digits and continued to increase their lead to 44-18 by halftime. Senior Chris Britt and junior Callum Richard led the charge, as Britt showcased his speed and ability to finish and Richards was able to be a strong presence in the paint.  2026 Latrell Allmond was the go-to player for O’Neal, leading the team with eight points in the first half.

Gaston Day didn’t let up on their lead in the third quarter, continuing to create havoc on the defensive end and knocking down shots on the offensive end. O’Neal started to get their offense going but they still found themselves down by 21 at the end of the third. Overall, the hole was too deep for O’Neal as Gaston Day was clicking all over and took home the 85-58 victory at home to move on to the next round of the playoffs.

Final: Gaston Day 85 – O’Neal School 58

GDS: Chris Britt 33 points/ Callum Richard 14 points/ Evan Montanari 16 points
O’Neal: Latrell Allmond 15 points/ Jalen Lindsey 17 points/ Malachi Ward 16 points

Standouts/ Thoughts:

  • We first have to start with the player of the game, senior Chris Britt.  I’m happy teams are looking his way and starting to really see his production, as he led the way with 33 points.  He scored in a variety of ways, with his blend of speed, finishing in transition, strength, mid-range shot, and leadership on the court.  One of the more underrated guards in the area and he put on a show Thursday night.
  • Also liked 2023 6’10 Callum Richard, as the big man continues to get better every time we see him in action. Richard has gotten stronger, put on some muscle, and continues to show his ability to be a true low-post player in the paint, sealing off his defender, finishing well around the basket and at the rim. Double-double type player that just continues to get better.
  • 2026 6’7 Lattrell Allmond (O’Neal) is another reason why I had to make it you there and we are telling you now, this young man is special! He has great size, understands the game light-years ahead of his age, is very fluid, has great size and wingspan, and has a big-time IQ.  You see players young that find success but honestly, you don’t see a big man that usually possesses the skill set he has.  I will go on record saying, this young man gives me the vibes that he will only continue to work hard and will be a nationally-known player quickly.