Team 1

Coach: Gerroid Doughty


#2: 4'4 '27 Makhai Manning (Durham)

Starting things off, we look at a player that competed quite well despite being among the youngest performers in attendance, Makhai Manning. He's a wiry, slightly undersized guard prospect with an unselfish mentality and nice two-way feel for the game. Manning handled the ball, made smart decisions, and knocked down open shots. Next in his development process is simply continuing to work on his craft while physically maturing. Coach Doughty on Manning: 'Makhi made a believer out of me. He's small in stature but large in game. Often times the defense left him open and he'd either make a shot attempt or the correct pass. He's a very smart player and has an above-average basketball IQ. I didn't see any post moves during the game, but he showed some during the drill stations. Makhi proves that less is more.' Manning enjoyed a quality showing at camp and furthered the 'heart over height' notion with his play.


#10:'4'11 '26 Titus Oates (Fayetteville)

Next, we look at a player that really stood out with his team-first mentality during camp, Titus Oates. He's a long-bodied guard that consistently looks to utilize his motor to get involved in the action. Oates moves extremely well without the ball and secured numerous buckets through off-ball cuts. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it will only make him a stronger finisher and overall rebounder. Coach Doughty on Oates: 'Titus gave us everything he had today. He's a smart guy that is very aggressive offensively. He's a team player with good handles and the ability to find seams in the defense, which enabled him to score easy buckets. Titus moves without the ball and has the capabilities of being a lockdown defender. I recommend he tries to continue giving that amount of effort each time out.' Oates showed nice skill, but it was his willingness to do the dirty work that made him stand out at camp.


#12:'5'0 '27 Jabari Johnson (Durham)

Moving onto a player that also competed quite well despite being one of the youngest performers in attendance, Jabari Johnson. He's a strong-bodied guard that showed some intriguing flashes throughout camp, able to handle the ball, attack the basket, and knock down the open jumper. Next in his development process is working on playing with a more active motor, as it'll improve his presence and productivity, particularly on defense. Coach Doughty on Johnson: 'Jabari is comfortable with the ball in his hands. Perhaps too comfortable, as I think the next step in his game is learning how to play without the ball as well as he plays with it. He got lost at times on the court, but did a good job in the drill stations'where he gave a lot of effort. Keep working Jabari!' Johnson showcased some useful tools and is still very young, so it'll be exciting to see his development going forward.


#13:'5'0 '25 Trevor Mayfield Jr. (Fayetteville)

Continuing onto a player that made a pretty strong impression with his two-way motor during camp, Trevor Mayfield Jr. He's an extremely energetic guard prospect that already shows an understanding of how to move without the ball and seize scoring opportunities as an off-ball cutter. Mayfield attacks the basket well and finishes through contact with great consistency. Next in his development process is working on adding a more reliable three-point shot to his arsenal, as it would make him a matchup problem on offense. Coach Doughty on Mayfield: 'Trevor has a true love for the game and it showed all day through his enthusiastic play. He didn't shy away from competition, but rather embraced it. Trevor went hard to the basket and finished well whenever he did. His basketball IQ is good for a guy his age. Along with his effort, that makes him a threat in every game. Keep a close watch on this guy.' Mayfield did a lot of things well at camp and should maintain his unselfish, blue-collar foundation going forward.


#14:'5'0 '25 Joshua Dorsette II (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that really impressed with his IQ and decision-making on both ends of the floor, Joshua Dorsette II. He's a smart, wiry guard prospect that works nicely as a primary floor general or off-ball threat. Dorsette is a quality ball-handler with vision and the ability to score or setup his teammates with efficiency. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it'll prepare his game for the physicality at the high school level. Coach Doughty on Dorsette: 'Joshua is a point guard today but will likely become a great shooting guard later. The ability to already play both positions is a great asset these days. He threaded the needle with his passes multiple times today. Joshua has very good ball-handling skills. I'm not just talking dribbling, I'm talking ball control. He finished at the rim after taking his man off the dribble several times. Watch out for this guy.' Dorsette will certainly be one to watch going forward, as he possesses all the necessary tools to be big-time player.


#26:'5'6 '24 Kai Logan (Roanoke)

Moving onto a player that stood out as one of the craftiest passers and overall playmakers on display, Kai Logan. He's a strong-bodied guard that simply has the ability to apply nonstop pressure as a creator for others. Logan possesses IQ, vision, and can get downhill whenever he desires'especially in transition. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his perimeter jumper, as it would complement his playmaking skills nicely. Coach Doughty on Logan: 'Kai Logan is a coaches player. He passes with precision, rebounds with tremendous effort, and shoots the ball with solid accuracy. Kai has a very high basketball IQ for a kid his age. He pushes the ball up the court and is able to find the open man. He's a great defensive player that doesn't have a shut off valve. Kai has a bright future in this game.' Logan showcased some high-level flashes during camp and should be worth keeping an eye on going forward.


#27:'5'6 '24 Aiden Cook (Waxhaw)

Continuing onto a player that made an impression as one of the most well-rounded performers from this team, Aiden Cook. He's a smart, wiry guard prospect that can truly step up and do whatever is necessary to provide his team with an edge. Cook is a useful passer, ball-handler, and three-level scorer with the ability to play with or without the ball and contribute as a defender/rebounder. Next in his development process is working to add strength to his wiry frame, as it would allow him to become even more physical on both sides of the ball. Coach Doughty on Cook: 'Mr. Aiden Cook is a heck of a ball player. He is deceptively quick. He had me fooled until I saw him run the floor and I think he fooled the defense as well. He's a smart player with a desire for the game. At this point, he's more offensive than defensive but the gap is not wide at all. He surprised with his second jump. Aiden is a player.' Cook was one of the most reliable performers at camp and should be poised for a big-time upcoming season.


#31:'5'9 '24 Benjamin Gladieux (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a player that possesses a strong crossroads between current production and long-term upside, Benjamin Gladieux. He's a long, wiry wing/forward prospect that can apply offensive pressure from around the basket or along the perimeter. Gladieux fights hard for rebounds on both sides of the ball and knows how to run the floor with consistency. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it will make him an even tougher assignment when slotted inside the paint. Coach Doughty on Gladieux: 'Benjamin is an outstanding person and just as good of a basketball player. He has a lot of tools in his basketball tool box. He shot it inside and out very well. He has long arms, which enables him to affect the ball-handler. Benjamin has quick feet and hands. I'm ready to see his progress. Watch this young man, he'll impress you.' Gladieux did a lot of things well during camp but it's likely that his best basketball is still in the future, especially if he continues to work.


#37:'6'3 '24 Dylan Deluca (Charlotte)

Finishing up, we look at a player that is arguably the most gifted prospect in terms of raw talent, Dylan Deluca. He's a long, smart, skilled forward prospect that displayed no real weaknesses on either side of the ball. Deluca can score in a variety of different ways but operated in more of a leadership role during his time at camp. He rebounded, pushed the break, made plays for others, and scored as needed while being an excellent rim-protector. Next in his development process is continuing to work on expanding his perimeter game, as being able to take slower opponents off the dribble will make him a matchup problem. Coach Doughty on Deluca: 'Dylan is a beast in the low post. He moves well with or without the ball in his hands. Dylan is a great post player with flashes of perimeter game. His next step in his maturation is develop more perimeter skills. He works hard on the defensive glass but needs to have the same effort on the other end. He had a great camp. The sky is the limit for this young player.' Deluca was very impressive throughout camp and won the Mr. Defense award with relative ease through his shot-blocking display.