Each and every time Phenom Hoops gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: Rakease Passmore
Class: 2024
Committed to: Kansas

What is Kansas Getting:

What a trip it has been with Rakease Passmore, from when he was a young prospect that many didn’t know about to now being one of the top prospects in the country. It is coming on three years when we said the freshman would be special, and he has been a standout event after event with Phenom Hoops. Now, he will be heading to Kansas and looking to put on a show. So when you dive more into his game, some may ask what he brings' Well, why not ask a platform that has watched him countless of times. Passmore is absolutely electric as a player, and has been just that all throughout. You have seen that he is a high flyer, dynamic playmaker, with NBA athleticism as he flies through the air for throwdown. But he is more than just that, as Passmore has continued to develop over the years; he has shown he can be a consistent shooter with range (something he doesn’t get enough recognition for throughout his HS career), can be a dynamic presence both offensively and defensively, creates well and gets to his spots, and also can be another ball-handler on the court. Strong court awareness, tremendous energy, a team-first type player, but one that can also put on a show.

What Has Been Said:

'A freshman that you will want to see and you will hear a lot more about.  Passmore leads the team in scoring this season and against Erwin, you can see the flashes that brings excitement to his game. He is explosive and reacts quickly on the boards, using his size to his advantage along with good touch.  But Passmore uses that same athleticism to finish strong at the rim as well.  What really catches your eye though is how he is able to break down and get by defenders, changes direction well with the dribble, and gets his defender on his size.  This is a freshman with a ton of talent and is going to be a big-time target for many programs.' ' 2021

'The current 4-Star prospect is currently ranked no. 50 in the latest 247 Rankings. Passmore has always been known for his athleticism and explosiveness. He has developed a consistent perimeter game but has made tremendous strides in ball handling, overall court vision, and ability to pass off the dribble. Passmore is an elite finisher in transition where he punishes the rim with powerful and thunderous dunks. He plays with a full-throttle approach and takes personal pride in his on-ball defensive pressure. That being said, Passmore is the ultimate team player and while has the ability to dominate a game, he plays within the team structure and offensive scheme. He's a coach's dream and will be looked upon to provide senior leadership and stability to this talented team.'

'With his game, Passmore already brings great size at 6'6 and a long frame that makes him a matchup nightmare.  Offensively, he brings tremendous athleticism and bounce, a few factors that you quickly notice about his game. He finishes well in transition, is explosive at the rim, and attacks the rim strongly.  But he also shows that he has the ability to simply take over a game; give him the ball and let him operate. Whether it is in the halfcourt, knocking down shots from the perimeter (which he has really shown and impressed with his range), creating for himself, exploding to the rim, and getting whatever he desires, or if it is in transition, rebounding the ball, pushing the break and scoring through defenders, Passmore can do it all on the court.'

'When you look at Passmore's game though, you quickly understand why schools are flocking his way.  He continues to have that explosive nature to his game, rattling the rim and flying through the air effortlessly but he has only added more to his game in just a short time. When we first met Passmore, he was more on the quieter side as a young prospect but over time, you can see that everything is starting to click and he is understanding more of how to be that alpha player on the court.  But what is scary to think is that there could be even more left in the tank with his development. When talking about his game, Passmore can do a little bit of everything. His athleticism is still there, he finishes with power, is tremendous out in transition, and is showing that he can be a multi-level scorer and a playmaker. He is showing more of his ability to create for himself, use his size and versatility more on both ends, and continues to shoot the ball well from outside (shot 41 percent from three last season).' ' 2022

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