Location: Upward Stars Center Court 5

Lucas Jenkins, 6'3 2020 G with Team Vision 16u – Kid did it all while we were sitting courtside and did it in a way that looked easy. Has the skill set to threaten for a triple double as he showed in the first half going for 8p/5r/4a with a blocked shot thrown in for good measure. Kid can shoot, has vision as a passer, and enough toughness to fight on the glass and in the paint. Lacks top end athletic ability and bounce but knows the game, is fundamentally sound, and makes the plays he's supposed to make. Not sure on the ceiling for this kid but the floor is solid.

Justus Shelton, 6'9 2020 F with Team Vision 16u – Slender big put up a double/double in the first game of the morning. Very comfortable with his back to the basket and will fight for position, something we love to see in a young big. The issue here is lack of strength though, not skill. He really needs to commit to a strength plan as everything else is there you look for in a big. Love the ability to go over the shoulder in the paint. The stronger he gets the higher his stock will go.

Benjamin Burnham, 6'6 2020 F and Lucas Heckaman, 6'5 2020 F with Fort Mill Knicks – Good looking duo for the Knicks compliment each other well. Both are versatile enough to play inside or out and are interchangeable in how they are used. Makes for a hard time for other teams as most teams don't have the pieces to match up with both when they are on the floor. Both need to get stronger and take on a greater physical nature to their games but the skill set you look for is here.

Lekerrick Ellison, 6' 2020 G with Chattanooga Elite 16u – One of the more naturally athletic players in the gym, kid has bounce. He had a play in the morning session where he came on the break, elevated through traffic and caught a body that made the whole gym take notice. He is quick off his feet, has a good 2nd jump, and shows a good sense of timing in his jumps. Still learning to play the game though as he has not yet made the transition from athlete to player. The tools are here and as he adds strength that will only make him more dangerous. If he develops his skills to add to his God given physical gifts he will be hard to stop. Just not there yet.