With the Phenom Challenge set for Friday, July 31st,

We wanted to inform you of the protocols and guidelines we will be taking. Also, all players 17U and under must have a guardian or parent signature on three forms in order to play. Everyone entering the building must sign a COVID questionnaire, a waiver from the City of Rock Hill and one from Phenom Hoops. Players 18 or older can sign the waivers themselves.

We have implemented a mandatory face-mask policy. Everyone in the facility must wear at all times. This is includes all the players, coaches, spectators and staff. The only exception is when officials, players and coaches have a game. Coaches are required to wear a mask, but do have permission to drop it down to call out instruction to their team. Spectators who refuse to wear their mask run the risk of being removed from the facility without a refund.

After each game, we will disinfect and sanitize the bench area with our Oxi-Thyme partner. This is a hydrogen-peroxide base spray/fogging system that kills germs and viruses on contact.

  1. Upon entering the facility, there will be two Rock Hill staff members at the door to check temperatures when spectators arrive. This is to avoid bottleneck in the following steps. There are 2 hallways as you enter the building (Spectators go to the right hallway).
  2. After having their temperatures taken, spectators will move to a separate table to fill out their waiver and questionnaire. 
  3. After filling out the waiver and questionnaire, they will move down the line to our Waiver Collection Station. 
    1. At the Waiver Collection Station, we will collect their waivers and give them a Waiver Band. 
    2. Hand sanitizer will be given out 
    3. To avoid lines, please be sure to download the following

City of Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism Facilities Waiver Form 

Phenom Hoops COVID-19 Waiver Form

Phenom Hoops COVID-19 Questionnaire