Game 5 of the night brought us an excellent showcase between Central Cabarrus and United Faith, two teams that have high aspirations this season.  It was looking like an excellent battle as United Faith got off to a strong start but Central Cabarrus started to get going with their presence offensively and defensively.  Central started to build on their lead to double-digits but United Faith was able to get right back into the game, only down seven with a minute to go.  But a late technical and multiple free throws, Central Cabarrus held a 45-32 halftime lead.

In the second half, Central Cabarrus was able to maintain their lead, but United Faith started to pick away at the lead slowly but surely, as it eventually went to a two possession game with five minutes to go.  It remained that for much of the end of the game, with Central Cabarrus eventually being able to seal the game from the free throw line.

Final: Central Cabarrus 68 – United Faith 61

CC: Chase Daniel 21pts, Carson Daniel 13pts, Jaiden Thompson 9pts
UFCA: Alex Bates 18pts, JD Bowden 14pts, Lance Gill 12pts