The inaugural Phenom 3G event has come and gone and to give credit where credit is due, we at Phenom Hoop Report have to give special thanks to two of Fayetteville's most dedicated coaches. First of all, we have known coach Kelvin Mills for over 15 years. As a matter of fact, coach Mills aka Special K/Coach K has been involved with the NC Phenom camps since its inception which occurred over 15 years ago. Coach Mills is a dedicated person who has represented the brand with integrity, honor and with pride. He is known for his loud and enthusiastic 'voice. He is what Fayetteville is all about. He is an unbelievable supporter and voice for youth basketball in the Fayetteville area.


We have known coach James Strong going on 10 years. Like coach Mills, coach Strong has worked with the Phenom camps and has been an ardent supporter of what we represent. He has coached at Fayetteville Academy and recently been named the head coach at Northwood Temple. A few years back, coach Strong invited us down to give a speech on youth basketball to all the parents and players in his youth program.


Both Mills and Strong has been urging Phenom to bring events to the Fayetteville area. Since Fayetteville has become such a hotbed for basketball, they have been singing the praises of the city and how supportive they would be. Well, after constant requests, we finally gave in and decided to host the Phenom 3G event in Fayetteville and boy are we glad we did. The event was held at Freedom Courts which houses four regular size courts. The community support was terrific and the atmosphere for the event was through the roof, not to mention the concession stand deserved an A+ for the chicken wings, chicken tenders and tasty fries.


In hosting such an event, a lot of hard work goes into to making it a successful event, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Coach Mills and Coach Strong believed in the city ofFayetteville. They pleaded with us of bringing this event to their city and we are glad we did! Thanks guys, we appreciate you and what you stand for.