Camp season is upon us at Phenom Hoops, as it gives us a chance to watch a blend of experienced players, young players, and ones that are simply new names to Phenom Hoops. It also provides these players a chance to start their story with us and play against some great competition. Session I on Saturday in Greensboro brought us some intriguing names to watch, players that grabbed our attention with their play.

Here we look at a few point guards that impressed at the camp.

2023 6'0 Trevor Barrett (Trinity Academy): Barrett is a newer name on the scene but once could immediately tell that he played well in leading the charge.' He plays with a tremendous pace and court vision, reading where to go, a great change of speed and direction, and was simply a crafty playmaker on the court.' Barrett also excelled in showing that he can be an effective scorer on the floor, attacking well off the dribble and knocking down the mid-range shot.

2023 5'8 Zyere Edwards (St. Andrew's School): This young man set the bar high on the court and one of the first things you notice is his blazing speed out on the court.  Edwards' ability to get by defenders was impressive, allowing him to excel in the open floor and be an effective scorer or find others. But also, was a pest on the defensive end, creating steals and pushing it in transition.  In diving more into his season, Edwards is just continuing to show what he had shown all season long at St. Andrew's, in which he averaged nearly 19 points, 5.9 assists, and 3.5 steals per game.

2023 5'8 Gavin Stinson (Oak Grove): There are players that may not capture your eye at first but the more you watch the game, the more you start noticing the impact they have on the court.  Stinson was one of those guys at the Phenom 150.  He led the charge as a point guard, playing with a great pace and really seeing the floor well in finding his teammates in transition.  He has many tools that a coach would love to have in a point guard with him playing unselfish basketball, as well as his pesky defense as well.

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