Phenom Hoop Report travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina to cover Northside Christian open gym. Coach Erasto Hatchett is in his third year at Northside Christian. After a 17-12 record last season, coach Hatchell has a lot to be excited about. He has a combination of youth, length, athleticism and enthusiasm. When he took over the program, there was very little left in the cupboard with 6’8 2020 Jaden Seymour being the lone returner. Seymour was just a freshman and has never wavered in his commitment and loyalty to the school and coach Hatchett. Now let’s take a closer look at the players that will make an impact for Northside Christian.

6’4 2020 Jalen Hood-Schifino

We often don’t lead our write-ups with a freshman, however Jalen Hood-Schifino is no ordinary freshman. To put it mildly, Jalen is a special young man and player. It is rare to find a young man that is as poised and mature as Jalen. He is simply advanced beyond his years and will be team leader from the “get go.” When you watch Jalen, he just has the “it” factor. He may not be the most vocal person on the court, but it’s his positive body language and mannerisms  that sets him apart. He leads by example. Jalen has a presence that’s not often seen by his peers. With coach Darris Nichols (Florida) in the gym to watch open gym, Jalen was soon offered a scholarship.


6’8 2020 Jaden Seymour

Sporting an offer from South Florida, the long, mobile, and athletic wing is now getting interest by Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, NC State, Tennessee, Boston College and ECU. That being said, he is still somewhat under the radar in terms of D1 offers. We’re talking about an active and energetic wing that excels in the open court. He has good ball handling skills and court vision for his size/position. More importantly, Seymour is an excellent teammate and most of all, a loyal young man demonstrated by commitment to Northside Christian after a coaching change two years ago.


6’6 2019 Cortez Marion-Holmes

Sporting an offer from UNC-Pembroke, he is also getting interest from USC Upstate, Richmond, UNC-Wilmington and UNC-Greensboro. The “tweener” forward that has good length, athleticism and a solid midrange game. He runs the floor extremely and rebounds well on both ends of the court. One thing is for certain, Cortez has a tremendous work ethic, not to mention versatility. He definitely has D1 potential and a successful season will help determine his long term upside/potential.


6’8 2019 Tony Hauser 

What you see is what you get with Tony Hauser. We’re talking about a wide body power forward who has passer friendly hands and nifty footwork in the post. Hauser’s biggest attribute that he is comfortable knowing his role. He’s a strong two-handed rebounder

6’3 2021 Glen Hubbard

Glen Hubbard may just be the one “glue guy” for this Northside Christian team. We’re talking about a nice combo guard that does just a little bit of everything well. He can score from all three levels, but more importantly has a terrific feel for the game.

6’3 2021 Glenn Bynum Jr.

Like Hubbard, Glenn Bynum is a nice looking combo guard that can play, guard and defend multiple positions on the court. He’s an efficient 3-point shooter. We’ve had the luxury of watching Glen multiple times through our Phenom camps and his resume speaks volume. In addition to being an effective shooter, he makes good decisions on the court.