Yesterday, we took a closer look at some of the most underrated scholarship-worthy players within North Carolina’s Class of 2020. Now, we will highlight a variety of different guys in North Carolina’s Class of 2021 that have made a strong impression over these last two months… (Read Part One)

6’7 ’21 Omarion Bodrick (Independence)

Everyone across the entire state should already be all-in for Bodrick, as he’s just on the cusp of becoming a highly-coveted Division I prospect. It’s honestly quite surprising that he hasn’t already received multiple offers, given his consistent two-way impact against all levels of competition. He’s long, wiry, and doesn’t require offensive touches to make his presence felt, which is a big part of what makes him so special. Bodrick is more of a forward, but protects the rim at a strong level through IQ, positioning, and fluid athleticism. He’s made numerous strides as an offensive player, but typically scores most of his points through alley-oops, transition play, and dump-off passes. Bodrick is extremely versatile on defense and can reliably shut down three positions at the high school level. He arguably alters more shots and accumulates more deflections than anyone in the state. Bodrick will become a must-have player sooner than later, especially as one of the leaders for Independence.


6’3 ’21 Amare Haynie (A.L. Brown)

Each player on this list has noticeably expanded their game throughout the last year, but none quite like Haynie, who now looks like a can’t-miss prospect. He’s a perfect complement and running mate to Kheni Briggs, who he’ll continue sharing the backcourt with for the next two seasons. Haynie is long, tenacious, and scores the ball in a variety of ways. He’s equally valuable on both ends of the floor, given his aggressive, high-motor approach to the game. Haynie handles the ball, creates well for himself and others, and can be a primary option within an efficient offense. He’s excellent in the open floor and possesses the necessary athleticism to play above the rim when attacking the basket. Haynie has a smooth shooting stroke from the perimeter and understands how to apply pressure without forcing the action. There’s a lot to like about his two-way approach, and college coaches should get on board now—because he won’t remain offer-less for very long.


6’4 ’21 Darrius Davis (Moravian Prep)

Moravian Prep has reloaded and is undoubtedly stronger than they’ve ever been, but Davis could emerge as the most underrated piece of their rebuild. For starters, he fills a need at the lead guard position and has the necessary ruggedness to fit right in with this team. Davis is a strong, athletic guard that can relentlessly attack the basket and has the right blend of explosion and craftiness to keep the opposition on their toes. He’s a useful game manager that handles the ball well and can operate as the primary offensive initiator with relative ease. However, Davis’ value will be even more evident on defense, where he’ll be the tone-setter on the perimeter as a point-of-attack defender. He’s played at a high level for quite a while, which should make him a seamless addition to this squad.


6’3 ’21 Po’Boigh King (Roanoke Rapids)

Despite previously playing for a shoe-circuit team, King is most likely the least-known prospect on this list. This is unfortunate, because he’s so gifted and very exciting to watch perform. King is a walking-bucket that can score in a wide variety of ways, especially through exploiting mismatches and utilizing his arsenal of tools to dictate the action. He has IQ, size, skill, and pretty well-rounded athleticism. King has proven himself as an offensive leader, given his complete skillset and ability to draw a considerable amount of attention from the opposition. He rebounds at a strong rate for a guard and causes havoc in transition, especially with the ball in his hands. Once college coaches familiarize themselves with him, King should start collecting offers and take the Hoopstate by storm.


5’9 ’21 Jordan McPhatter (Butler)

In terms of pure excitement, McPhatter is arguably the most entertaining player within North Carolina. His IQ and playmaking abilities are elite, which allows him to run a team with poise, craftiness, and the understanding of how to properly get everyone involved. McPhatter sees the entire floor at all times and makes reads/passes that other “high-level” floor generals simply cannot. He scores the ball efficiently from all levels, but only looks for his shot within the flow of the offense. McPhatter is the ultimate leader and intelligent decision-maker, which is what makes him an absolutely perfect fit on this Butler team. He defends and forces turnover quite well, especially considering his lack of true size. It’s not necessarily clear what level he belongs at, but there’s no denying that McPhatter is talented enough to succeed in the collegiate ranks.