North Mecklenburg “Statement Win”

North Mecklenburg 95 Vance 55

In a game that was sold out around 5:00pm, no one expected the total dominance of North Mecklenburg in their early season IMECK conference road win at Vance. For North Mecklenburg, it was just one of the nights where almost everything went well. For Vance, it was also one of those nights, but on the other side of the perspective. North came out hot and took a 25-13 first quarter lead and expanded their lead to 48-21 at the half. North Mecklenburg hit eight 3-pointers in the first half and the combination of hot shooting and stellar defense was just too much for Vance. North Mecklenburg came away with one of the more impressive wins we’ve seen this season. Now, let’s take a closer look at the standout players. 

6’3 Senior Tristan Maxwell (North Mecklenburg)

We have often stated, shooters translate at every level and the Georgia Tech signee set the tone early in the first half. Maxwell finished with a game high 24 points with 17 coming in the first half. Maxwell has tremendous range and his ability to hit 3-pointers consistently beyond the arch puts added pressure on the defense. In addition, North Mecklenburg utilized the high ball screen extremely well. 

6’0 Senior Trayden Williams (North Mecklenburg)

We have stated it many times and it bears repeating, Trayden Williams is one of the most undervalued players in the state. The Robert Morris signee is a three-level scorer, has excellent quickness, and is so difficult to contain in the half court where he is makes a habit of getting to the rim to create scoring opportunities for himself or teammates. Williams finished with 20 points, dished out six assists and collected four rebounds. 

6’7 Sophomore Jeremy Gregory (North Mecklenburg)

What’s not to like about a 6’7 big that has “Velcro” hands, nifty footwork, soft shooting touch, and an unmatched feel for the game by a sophomore. Gregory has an advanced skill set and just simply knows how to play the game. He finished with 14 points and nine rebounds, but we were equally impressed with his defense on Daniel Sanford of Vance. He fought and battled for low-post position and did an admirable job of denying the pass into Sanford.

6’5 Junior Chris Ford (North Mecklenburg) 

Without question, Chris Ford is coach Duane Lewis “Glue Guy.” Ford finished with eight points, but collected 13 rebounds. In addition, his fundamentals on defense were high level and did a remarkable job of boxing out, which seems to be a lost art in today’s game. Ford is comfortable in any role and provides a quiet leadership that is complimented by action, hard work, hustle and doing all the little things that is important to winning. 

6’1 Senior Shamann Artis (North Mecklenburg)

When defending North Mecklenburg, you pick your poison. With Maxwell, Williams, and Gregory being the “go to” guys on offense, teams may try to provide help defense. However, you cannot of leave Shamann Artis open. Artis did his damage in the first half by pouring in 13 points including three 3-pointers. Artis has a quick release and tremendous range. 

6’6 Senior Daniel Ransom (Vance)

Simply put, Daniel Ransom is an absolute warrior. While Vance was dominated on the scoreboard, Ransom had a team high 22 points and 12 rebounds and his work ethic and never quit attitude made a huge impression on us. There’s an old saying, you can tell more about a prospect when things don’t go their way and how they react and perform and Ransom passed with flying colors.