Team 8

Coach: Glenn Bynum

#24: 6'2 '25 Viktor Alao (Moravian Prep)

Starting things off, we look at a player who is rapidly trending upward, Viktor Alao. He's a smart, highly unselfish point guard prospect with an excellent combination of poise, playmaking instincts, and three-level scoring prowess. Alao knows how to control the action while picking his spots and getting others involved. He prioritizes making the right decision and putting his teammates in scoring positions. Alao does everything offensively, but also consistently shuts down his assignment, forces turnovers, and applies pressure in transition. He also rebounds very well for his size/position. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would open him up to even more scoring opportunities. Coach Bynum on Alao: 'Viktor is certainly a next-level player. Smart point guard with great court vision. Great teammate. Enjoyed watching him on the court, as he was one of the more selfless players on the team and still managed to stand out doing his job as a point guard. Viktor has a bright future.' Alao proved to be an asset during his time at camp and should be a key piece for Moravian Prep going forward.

#25: 6'3 '25 AJ Gladieux (Apex Friendship)

Next, we look at a player whose stock has steadily trended upward over the last calendar year, AJ Gladieux. He's a skilled, well-rounded guard prospect with IQ, size, and a polished scoring arsenal from all levels. Gladieux is a lethal shooter and quality penetrator who reliably creates for himself and others. He finishes well through contact, moves effectively without the ball, and pursues rebounds at a solid rate. Gladieux also does a nice job of forcing turnovers defensively and getting out in transition. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would make him a better defender at the point of attack. Coach Bynum on Gladieux: 'AJ was solid overall. Shoots the three-pointer very well and can get downhill and finish with either hand. Defensively, he can pick up a bit more intensity to clearly make himself an aggressor. AJ could also improve on his shot selection, but such is the case for most showcase events.' Gladieux did a lot of things well at camp and should have a highly productive junior season as a focal point for Apex Friendship.

#28: 6'3 '25 Chris Rivens (Covenant Day)

Moving onto a player who always seems to carve out a meaningful role, regardless of context or setting, Chris Rivens. He's a smart, steady, well-rounded guard prospect with the necessary adaptability to do a variety of different things on the court. Rivens is an excellent shooting threat, both from midrange and beyond the arc, with the ability to make the extra pass and set up others. He moves well without the ball to find open seams and exploit the opposing defense. Rivens also provides a reliable presence as a defender and rebounder. Next in his development process is working on his penetration sense, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Bynum on Rivens: 'Chris brings a lot to the table but has some growth areas, such as shot selection, ball movement, and intensity level. He is a next-level player with tons of potential. In my opinion, he's at his best in transition. Chris sees the floor well and can make difficult passes look routine and on time.' Rivens enjoyed a quality showing at camp and should remain a key piece for Covenant Day over these next two seasons.

#57: 6'6 '24 Leslie Minter (Wilson Prep)

Continuing onto a player whose recruitment simply doesn't match his on-court ability, Leslie Minter. He's a long, athletic wing/forward prospect with phenomenal size and shot-making ability from the perimeter. Minter is a lethal spot-up threat who can create off the bounce, set up others, and finish through contact. He can play in various different roles, but is arguably at his best when asserting his presence from beyond the arc. Minter utilizes his length well to force turnovers and be disruptive defensively. He also does a nice job of getting to his spots in transition. Next in his development process is working on his involvement as a rebounder, as he has the tools to outproduce his assignment on the glass. Coach Bynum on Minter: 'Leslie is a lights-out shooter and overall bucket-getter. He can improve his value by increasing his motor and hitting the boards more consistently. Leslie has great size as a wing player.' Minter made his presence felt throughout camp and should be a target for various college coaches entering his senior season at Wilson Prep.

#69: 6'10 '24 Bobby Cannon (Forsyth Country Day)

Next, we look at a player who continues to showcase a ton of intrigue and overall upside, Bobby Cannon. He's a long, athletic post prospect with a quality amount of skill for his size/position. Cannon is a useful interior finisher and reliable floor-spacer from the perimeter. He can post-up, spot-up, or attack off the dribble. He involves himself in the rebounding battle and blocks shots very well around the basket. Cannon utilizes his length to cause problems for opponents on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it will only help prepare him for the increased physicality of the college game. Coach Bynum on Cannon: 'Bobby is a tremendously gifted athlete. He's long, rangy, and shoots the ball well from beyond the arc. Shot selection can be improved at times. Bobby wants to win but is still learning how to contribute fully with his talents. I can definitely see him making strides at the next level.' Cannon showcased a lot of ability at camp, securing the Offense Award, and will be a prospect for college coaches to watch closely over his senior season with Forsyth Country Day.

#72: 6'8 '24 Tymaureon Outlaw (The Burlington School)

Finishing up, we look at a player who possesses all the necessary tools to anchor the paint on both ends of the floor, Tymarueon Outlaw. He's a big, strong, physically overwhelming post prospect with long arms and excellent athleticism. Outlaw can finish with touch or power, and plays extremely well through contact. He does a great job of blocking shots and securing rebounds on both ends of the floor. On offense, Outlaw understands how to fills in the gaps and seize his opportunities whenever available. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would allow him to find more scoring opportunities around the basket. Coach Bynum on Outlaw: 'Ty is a big presence on the court. He utilizes his body extremely well to move people around and clear out space. He finished a ton of and-one opportunities. Ty needs to improve his ball-handling and shot selection, but otherwise knows how to play the game.' Outlaw enjoyed a productive showing at camp and should be a target for scholarship-level coaches over his upcoming season at The Burlington School.