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Coach: Tre Smith

Game Film:
Team 1 vs Team 2
Team 1 vs Team 3
Team 1 vs Team 4
NC Top 80 Semi-Final (1/4 vs 5/8)

#3: 5'11 '25 Derek Ross Jr. (Jordan)

Starting things off, we look at a player who is arguably the most dynamic floor general in the state, Derek Ross Jr. He's a smart, unselfish point guard prospect with incredible quickness and open-floor speed. Ross utilizes his tight handle and sharp first step to effortlessly breakdown opponents and get wherever he wants on the court. He's a brilliant playmaker who consistently manipulates the defense to get his teammates the ball in favorable scoring positions. Ross can also reliably create for himself and apply quality scoring pressure from all three levels. He makes intelligent decisions, plays with phenomenal pace, and makes his presence felt as a defender at the point of attack. Next in his development process is simply working to add strength, as it will help prepare him for the physicality of the college game. Coach Smith on Ross: 'Derek is a pure point guard with high-level IQ and the ability to get others involved.' Ross proved to be a difference-maker at camp and should be the undisputed leader for Jordan going forward.

#19: 6'2 '25 Cam Flippen (The Burlington School)

Next, we look at a player who understands how to impact the game in a variety of different ways, Cam Flippen. He's a strong, physically overwhelming guard prospect with a high IQ, active motor, and ability to produce within the team structure. Flippen is comfortable from either backcourt position, able to initiate the offense and get others involved or play alongside another primary creator and apply quality scoring pressure. Although he didn't convert three-pointers at his normal percentage, Flippen still attacked the basket, finished through contact, and hit midrange jumpers at a nice rate. He provides a terrific all-around defensive presence and utilizes his combination of strength, quickness, and toughness to contain multiple positions. Next in his development process is working on his shooting consistency off the dribble, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Smith on Flippen: 'Cam is a quick, aggressive guard who excels in transition.' Flippen did a lot of things well at camp and will remain a focal point for The Burlington School over these next two seasons.

#30: 6'3 '25 Jaylen Claggett (Cannon)

Moving onto a player who comfortably knows how to produce within any context as a 3-and-D piece, Jaylen Claggett. He's a steady, low-maintenance guard prospect with a nice combination of IQ, motor, and skill. Claggett is a phenomenal shooting threat, both from midrange and beyond the arc, and attacks closeouts well off the bounce. His spot-up presence allows him to make his presence felt with or without the ball in his hands. Claggett moves effectively without the ball to find open seams within the opposing defense. He contains his assignment well defensively and rebounds at a strong rate for his size/position. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it would make him a better finisher through contact. Coach Smith on Claggett: 'Jaylen is a crafty guard who has the ability to change the game. He's at his best in catch-and-shoot situations.' Claggett enjoyed a quality showing at camp and will be a key piece for Cannon over the coming years.

#46: 6'5 '25 Devin Sims (The Burlington School)

Continuing onto a player who is quite possibly the most explosive athlete in the state, Devin Sims. He's a strong, tough, physically overwhelming wing prospect with great size and a terrific nose for the ball. Sims is a powerful finisher who plays through contact, moves without the ball, and lurks extremely well for lobs and putbacks. He can also attack the basket as needed, where he's able to score or pass to an open teammate. Sims is a quality rebounder, especially for his size/position, and defends bigger opponents very well inside the paint. Next in his development process is working to become a more reliable perimeter shooter, as it would cause a lot of problems for opponents. Coach Smith on Sims: 'Devin is a quick wing with a strong frame and gifted jumping ability. He thrives in transition, where he's able play above the rim and showcase his open-floor athleticism.' Sims did a lot of things well during his time at camp and should be an x-factor for The Burlington School going forward.

#62: 6'7 '24 Isaiah Evans (North Mecklenburg)

Next, we look at a player who already widely regarded as one of the top prospects in the country, Isaiah Evans. He's a long, skilled, athletic wing prospect with excellent size and elite shot-making ability. Evans is capable of scoring the ball from anywhere on the floor, but is arguably at his best from beyond the arc. He attacks the basket, finishes above the rim and through contact, and is willing to post up smaller opponents. Evans utilizes his combination of energy, anticipation, and physicality to make his presence felt as a defender and rebounder. He forces turnovers at a healthy rate and converts in transition. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it will help prepare him for the collegiate game. Coach Smith on Evans: 'Isaiah is a top-ten player in the country, which was only further evidenced by his play here. Gifted scorer with underrated passing instincts and high-level athleticism. Led our team today.' Evans enjoyed a noteworthy showing at camp, securing the MVP award, and should be poised for an incredibly productive senior season for North Mecklenburg.

#68: 6'8 '25 Joseph Ahart (Christ School)

Moving onto a player who possesses an enticing blend of ability and long-term upside, Joseph Ahart. He's a long, wiry, athletic forward prospect with a high motor and team-oriented approach on both ends of the floor. Ahart displayed the ability to finish and knock down jumpers while highlighting a useful level of skill off the bounce. He makes hustle plays at a quality rate and understands how to produce without requiring a ton of touches on offense. Ahart also wreaks havoc defensively and rebounds his position well on either side of the ball. Next in his development process is working on getting stronger, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Smith on Ahart: 'Joseph is an x-factor type of player. He shows a consistent willingness to defend and rebound. Comfortable guarding multiple positions. Runs the floor well in transition and finishes around the rim.' Ahart highlighted a lot of appeal during his time at camp and should be poised for a potential breakout season for Christ School.

#78: 6'10 '24 Mason Hagedorn (Combine Academy)

Finishing up, we look at a player who has all the tools to be impactful alongside any collection of teammates, Mason Hagedorn. He's a long, skilled big man with touch, perimeter shooting, and solid moves out of the post. Hagedorn plays well through contact, both as a finisher and rebounder, and runs the floor properly in transition. He shoots the ball extremely well for his size and is capable of asserting himself from midrange or beyond the arc. Hagedorn is a useful interior defender with nice shot-blocking instincts and a willingness to utilize his body to secure position. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would make him a better defender in recovery/screening actions. Coach Smith on Hagedorn: 'Mason is a big shot-making forward with the ability to roll or pop in the offensive structure. Rebounds well on both ends. Plays well to his strengths.' Hagedorn did a lot of things well at camp and should be a target for a variety of college coaches during his senior season for Combine Academy.