Team 3

Coach: Dre Simmons

#56: 5’6 ’23 Chase Detenber (Charlotte Christian)

Starting things off, we look at a player that really stood out for his three-point shooting, especially for his age, Chase Detenber. He’s a young, wiry guard prospect that plays hard and within the team concept at all times. Detember is a great spot-up threat that knows how to make the extra pass whenever available. Next in his development process is working on his penetration ability, as it would complement his perimeter shooting nicely. Coach Dre on Detenber: “Chase is a three-point marksman! He got better and better throughout the day. He moves very well without the ball and loses his man very often. He can get hot from deep and become a game-changer. He also was one of the younger guys in attendance and he was still fearless in the championship game of the camp. The whole team rode his momentum when he got hot from beyond the arc and that changed the game. Chase was voted game MVP! As a freshman, I’m looking forward to seeing him develop over the next few years.” Detenber enjoyed a great showing at camp, especially for his age, and will be a prospect to keep an eye on going forward. 

#71: 5’10 ’21 Chris Hunter (Cox Mill)

Next, we look at a player that made a strong impression with his intensity and scoring prowess, Chris Hunter. He’s a strong, physical, athletic guard prospect with quickness, craftiness, and the ability to attack the basket at will. Hunter is a quality passer and three-level scorer that rebounds very well for his size/position on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working on the release time of his jumper, as it would likely become even more consistent from distance. Coach Dre on Hunter: “This kid has a quick jump. He is the first one off the ground to the ball. He has great vision, passing ability, and gets everyone involved. “Floor general” comes to mind when you see Chris play. He’s a true hustle-man that dives for loose balls and takes great pride in his defensive assignment. He uses his body very well and gets above the rim. To me, he’s a high-motor player that is a coaches’ dream. I see this young man doing great things in the near future.” Hunter was undeniably impressive at camp and should be a major contributor for Cox Mill during the upcoming season. 

#78: 5’11 ’20 Seth Frazier (Weddington)

Moving onto a player that offered his team with an unselfish, high-motor presence during his time at camp, Seth Frazier. He’s a wiry, fairly well-rounded guard prospect that knows how to play within himself and make plays as needed on both ends of the floor. Frazier displayed a strong defensive presence and was able to force turnovers at a pretty reliable rate. Next in his development process is working on his ability to penetrate, as it would complement his three-point shooting quite nicely. Coach Dre on Frazier: “Seth brings good off-ball defense. He is always in the passing lanes. He utilizes v-cuts extremely well and was able to beat people going backdoor all day. He is a hustle-man for sure and brings the three-ball to the table on the offensive end. He is very involved on both sides of the ball and is just a team player that is engaged in the game from start to finish. I enjoyed having Seth on my team.” Frazier worked very hard throughout camp and has the necessary tools to be a nice contributor during the upcoming season at Weddington. 

#91: 6’0 ’21 Drayton Watson (Spartanburg)

Continuing onto a player that knows how to exemplify nonstop grit, toughness, and a team-first approach, Drayton Watson. He’s a smart, strong, athletic guard prospect with a terrific motor and the ability to overwhelm his assignment on either end of the floor. Watson really digs deep on defense, able to force turnovers and push transition play quite effortlessly, but also shows a nice amount of skill with the ball in his hands. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from beyond the arc, as it would take his offensive game to another level. Coach Dre on Watson: “Drayton is very versatile on both ends of the floor. He gets to the cup so effortlessly and absolutely does whatever he desires in transition. He is a bully on the block and finishes well in traffic. He finishes well with either hand and has a lot of bounce to his game. In the open court, he is a blur and finishes everything at the cup. He has a nice handle and creates for himself and others at will. Dray is a baller and is on his way to good things.” Watson was very reliable throughout camp and should continue to be a primary leader at Spartanburg. 

#94: 6’0 ’21 Shane Peterson (Western Alamance)

Next, we look at a player that was easily among the top three-point shooters in attendance, Shane Peterson. He’s a smart, unselfish guard prospect that typically works without the ball to apply incredible spot-up pressure from the perimeter. Peterson does a strong amount of everything on the court and truly only requires a glimmer of daylight to get off clean jumpers. Next in his development process is working to become a craftier ball-handler, as it would make him even more difficult to contain on offense. Coach Dre on Peterson: “Shane gets to the offensive glass very often. He has three-point range in his arsenal and a nice pull-up midrange jumper in transition. He has nice touch with either hand and gets a lot of steals from lurking in the passing lanes on defense. He is very aggressive when attacking the rim but is also capable of the flashy finish. I really like him a lot! Shane also has great defensive instincts and can turn offense into defense and breakout for a highlight-reel. Shane has great potential and I look forward to seeing where his game goes next.” Peterson simply continues to get better and better and should have an extremely productive upcoming season at Western Alamance. 

#108: 6’2 ’20 Davis Grooms (Lincolnton)

Moving onto a player that continues to offer a calm, poised, steady two-way presence on the court, Davis Grooms. He’s a smart, wiry, well-rounded guard prospect with a strong balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Grooms is a deceptive defender with the ability o force turnovers and push transition play quite regularly. Next in his development process is working on getting stronger, as it would likely make him a more consistent finisher through contact. Coach Dre on Grooms: “Davis just has a great feel for the game. He is so crafty with the ball, it is just a pleasure to watch him play. He his dime-dropping ability and makes others around him better. He is an all-around player that could get it done at multiple positions. He also has a very nice handle and might drop you if you play him too close. I could use him at either backcourt position and there wouldn’t be any drop-off. Davis has a bright future, without a doubt. He is also a go-getter on defense and has potential to be a great prospect at the next level.” Grooms enjoyed a terrific showing at camp and will be a prospect for college coaches to monitor throughout his upcoming senior campaign. 

#112: 6’2 ’22 Josh Scovens (Page)

Continuing onto a player that offered a tough, strong interior presence on both ends of the floor, Josh Scovens. He’s a big, high-motor forward/post prospect with tremendous rebounding instincts and the ability to finish very well through contact with either hand. Scovens is a reliable all-around defender with quickness, which allows him to switch onto smaller guards when necessary. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a shooter off the dribble, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Dre on Scovens: “Josh has so much talent and plays to his strengths. He had a field day in the paint and has great hands for a big man. He also plays very strong in the post and has great footwork and moves. He also showed a consistent midrange shot and I was impressed to see him step out to three-point range as well. He also attacks the rim any time he catches on the perimeter and has a good handle to evade the defense. He has great bounce on defense and also talks on that end of the floor. Josh has tremendous upside.” Scovens was great at camp and will be one to watch, as he should emerge as a major contributor during the upcoming season for Page. 

#129: 6’4 ’22 Blake Walser (Davie County)

Next, we look at a player that possesses a nice crossroads between productivity and long-term upside, Blake Walser. He’s a big, strong, aggressive post prospect that showcased a high motor, strong rebounding sense, and the ability to create havoc on defense. Walser displayed touch around the basket and was able to knock down perimeter jumpers effectively. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would allow him to take slower big men off the dribble with more frequency. Coach Dre on Walser: “Blake is tough! He’s just a sophomore; I thought he was a senior until I found out otherwise. He is such a workhorse. He gets after every rebound and loose ball. I was impressed with the way he boxed out and created for our teams’ fast break. His defense was phenomenal and he is a guy that can take opponents out of their game and gets them out of their comfort zone. Blake also finishes very well in traffic. This young man has some very positive things coming his way in the near future.” Walser made his presence felt throughout the day and will certainly be one to watch progress going forward. 

#135: 6’6 ’21 Jacob Morgan (Pine Lake Prep)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was arguably one of the savviest offensive performers in attendance, Jacob Morgan. He’s a long, smart, extremely skilled forward prospect with ball skills and phenomenal three-level scoring ability. Morgan plays hard, unselfish, and simply exudes productivity whenever he’s on the floor. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would allow him to take the next step as a defender. Coach Dre on Morgan: “Jake is such a versatile player. He can kill you in a lot of ways. His three-point range has really improved, his midrange is automatic, and he gets above the rim. He is an all-around player and, most of all, a team player. He is so vocal and such a great teammate, always going to bat for his squad. He brings it on every possession and never takes a play off. He is so fundamentally-sound but has bounce and handles that might fool people and catch you sleeping. In my opinion, he belongs at the next level for sure.” Morgan continues to look excellent and should be a primary leader for Pine Lake Prep during the upcoming season.