Team 3

Coach: Gerroid Doughty


#22: 5’5 ’22 Mekhi Gibson (Laurinburg, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that showcased a quality foundation and two-way approach to camp, Mekhi Gibson. He’s a young point guard prospect that was able to reliably run a team and get everyone involved. Gibson utilizes his quickness and tight handle to enter the paint with relative ease. He made plays for himself, others, and showed the ability to defend the point of attack fairly well. Next in his development process is working on the overall development of his off-hand, as it’ll make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Doughty on Gibson: “Mekhi was a great teammate today. He made sure his teammates got the ball. He took advantage of his speed and quickness. Mekhi shot the ball well from inside and outside the arc, and was able to finish over larger defenders whenever he attacked the basket. Mekhi has quick hands on defense. He has a deceptive nature that wouldn’t make you think he’s a hooper, but that assumption will kill opposing teams.” Gibson enjoyed a quality all-around showing at camp and has the potential to be even better with continued work.


#84:5’10 ’20 Jaden Wentz (Millers Creek, NC)

Next, we look at a player that competed and contributed quite well during his time at camp, Jaden Wentz. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect with a decent skill level in all areas of the game and doesn’t necessarily have any glaring weaknesses. Wentz showed the ability to attack the basket and finish strong, but also actively looked to get his teammates involved whenever possible. He fought hard on defense and was able to get multiple on-ball stops throughout the day. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would unlock an abundance of offensive opportunities through basic cuts. Coach Doughty on Wentz: “Jaden was aggressive and brought total effort. He’s a smart player that knows how to use his body against smaller players. He has good form on his jumper. Jaden needs to be a little more patient on his shot-selection, but displayed great passing skills and court vision. Jaden rebounded well for his size and I enjoyed coaching him today.” Wentz has a solid skillset and should be able to emerge as an impact player over the upcoming summer season.


#90:5’11 ’22 Antonio Underwood (Raeford, NC)

Moving onto a player that has a lot of intriguing qualities and clear long-term upside, Antonio Underwood. He’s a long, wiry wing prospect with great physical attributes for his age. Underwood has a solid feel for the game and offers a strong scoring balance on offense, given his ability to penetrate strong or knock down jumpers from all levels. He proved to be an above-average defender with excellent rebounding instincts for his size and position. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a three-point shooter, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Doughty on Underwood: “Antonio worked hard today. He took a lot of tough shots and made most of them. He wasn’t afraid to mix it up under the basket when it came to rebounding. He could make small improvements to his ball-handling, but so do most kids at this level. Antonio has good court vision and passing ability; I like his overall game.” Underwood is still very young and should be a prospect worth monitoring over the next few years.


#112:6’1 ’21 Brodie Clark (Laurel Hill, NC)

Continuing onto a player that provided his team with a great attitude and encouraging two-way presence, Brodie Clark. He’s a wiry wing prospect that plays hard at all times and looks to make an impact however possible. Clark is a solid shooter, but struggled to knock down shots during camp, yet displayed terrific determination and was able to secure extra possessions by regularly making hustle plays. Next in his development process is working to improve his defensive presence, as it would allow him to better contribute on both ends of the floor. Coach Doughty on Clark: “Brodie gave us great effort today. I love his attitude. He’s very coachable. His shot didn’t fall a lot today, but I could see that he has good form. Brodie has good quickness and can rebound against larger players. He moved well without the ball and was able to find seams to get to the basket. Overall, Brodie is a good ball player with nice upside.” Clark has plenty of useful tools, so it’s likely that he’ll continue steadily improving over these next few seasons.


#116:6’1 ’20 Tristan Phillips (Efland, NC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased a lot of intriguing qualities during his time at camp, Tristan Phillips. He’s a wing prospect that displayed some quality versatility on offense, which allowed him to toggle between operating inside and outside of the paint. Phillips played with great energy and defended with clear purpose, especially when looking to shut down opposing fast breaks in transition. Next in his development process is working on his ability to get downhill and finish through contact at the basket, as it would make him a much more useful offensive threat. Coach Doughty on Phillips: “Tristan is a good player with heart. He worked hard throughout the day. He has good court vision and can pass with great accuracy. Tristan displayed good footwork from the post, but was even better on the perimeter. He was able to find spots in the offense to score. Tristan shot it well off the dribble and rebounding appeared to be among his strong suits. I was impressed with his game.” Phillips is a great teammate that showed the ability to impact the game on a consistent basis.


#144: 6’3 ’22 Nolan Hodge (Greensboro, NC)

Moving onto a player that is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term potential, Nolan Hodge. He’s a long, wiry point guard prospect with an incredible all-around feel for the game. Hodge is somewhat thin right now, but has sprouted up over the last year in terms of physical growth. His jumper is about as smooth as they come and he’s able to apply constant scoring pressure from all three levels. Hodge has excellent defensive upside, given his instincts and how well he moves on that end of the floor. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength and become more assertive on both sides of the ball, as he possesses the necessary skills to become an alpha on the basketball court. Coach Doughty on Hodge: “Nolan was solid today. He ran the court well. He could use his length more often, but has a great jumper with great form. I was impressed with his catch-and-shoot ability. He has good post moves that he should invest in utilizing more frequently. Nolan rebounded the ball well today, but needs to be more aggressive at times. Overall, he had a good performance today.” Hodge has a terrific skillset and has the chance to be one of the top freshmen in the state if he’s willing to continue taking the necessary steps in his progression.


#150:6’3 ’22 Julius Reese Jr. (Kernersville, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was able to showcase extended flashes of dominance throughout his time at camp, Julius Reese Jr. He’s a strong, athletic guard prospect with great intelligence and an extremely well-rounded skillset. Reese is brimming with personality and simply possesses that “it” factor, which allows him to seamlessly slide into a leadership role with any group of teammates. He scored the ball efficiently and relentlessly from all three levels, and was able to dismantle any opponent in his path. Next in his development process is working on his transition defense, as he has the ability to single-handedly shut down fast breaks and should apply it more often. Coach Doughty on Reese: “Julius was my MVP, MIP, and MOP today. He has good range on his shot and made jumpers from deep as well as inside the arc. He has superb penetration ability and was able to finish very well when getting downhill and attacking the basket. Julius has good hops and can rebound with the best of them. He has a high motor and passes the ball well. He has a future in this game and possesses great potential.” Reese was arguably the top all-around prospect on display and took home the Camp MVP award as a result.