It is a standard practice that we at Phenom Hoop Report don’t rank players until they have finished their freshmen year in high school. That being said, we will take a look at some of the players that should make an immediate impact this coming season. The below prospects are players we have watched in multiple viewings.


6’0 2023 Jaylen Curry (Charlotte, Vance High School)

Jaylen Curry enjoyed an outstanding travel ball season with CP3. Simply put, Curry has the speed to burn and will be in the conversation as one of the top prospects in the state for his class. He has tremendous athleticism, quickness, and explosiveness that are all high level. The southpaw can score from all three levels and has a nifty midrange game. Curry will team up with 2023 Trey Green to form one of the state’s quickest and explosive backcourts in the state.



6’7 2023 Addison Archer (Forest City, Chase High School)

As the old saying goes, his best days are ahead and this statement is custom made for the 6’7 Addison Archer. Archer has a slender/wirily build who is also one of the more fluid and mobile wings in the state. He does an excellent job of running the floor and is already playing above the rim, but his strongest attribute is clearly on the defensive end of the court. Archer has impeccable timing and shot blocking instincts that are not often seen for someone his age/grade. The next step in his development is enhancing a “face-up” perimeter game.



5’10 2023 Trey Green (Charlotte, Vance High School)

Trey Green has a unique blend of athleticism, quickness, and a matching skill set. The quick on quick point guard plays with poise and maturity, not to mention the ability to knock down 3-pointers with a high degree of efficiency. In addition, Green plays with tremendous confidence on the court and the backcourt of Jaylen Curry and Trey Green will be one of the best backcourts in the state.



6’2 2023 London Johnson (Charlotte, Olympic High School)

London Johnson has tremendous length and size but sports a big-time motor. We have seen Johnson numerous times and one thing is crystal clear, you don’t and won’t have to teach effort. While Johnson is best suited in a fast tempo style of play and is excellent in transition, Johnson has the ability to play and guard multiple positions and could be a tenacious defender which would elevate his status even more.



6’2 2023 Treymane Parker (Fayetteville, Cape Fear High School)

Treymane Parker has the complete package. He has elite level athleticism, quickness, and vertical explosiveness. In addition, make no mistake about it, Parker is highly skilled and can play either guard position. We’ve been impressed with his overall skill set. He can dribble, pass and shoot with the best of them.


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