By: Noah Hooper

6’9 2024 Jarin Stevenson (Team United EYBL 2024)

One of my favorite players that I’ve seen all of session two so far is Jarin Stevenson. What drew my attention to Jarin immediately was how well he was able to put the ball on the deck at his size and age. He also has a smooth-looking jump shot as well, so with his size, and the ability to shoot the basketball, it makes his ceiling really high given that he’s 6’9. What also stands out about Jarin is that he’s an elite shot-blocker and rebounder at his height, which makes him a gem for a lot of college coaches. Lastly, I don’t say this about a lot of kids, but I feel like Jarin has NBA level potential based on his advanced ball-handling ability for his height, nice looking jump shot, and insanely high ceiling, so I would expect an array of college coaches to be looking at this kid throughout the event.

6’5 2022 Brady Moore (Louisville Prospects Motley 17U)

Throughout the event, I’ve had my eye on Moore and he has impressed me every time. In all of Brady’s games, his motor is always really high as his activity on defense is great. Moore also has a great downhill game as he uses his very strong frame to finish over smaller defenders in the lane. Moreover, Brady has a nice stroke from beyond the arc which makes him versatile and able to fit into many college programs at 6’5. Moore was great defensively as well because his size and athleticism make him capable of switching on smaller defenders, which would also help him fit into a college program easily. The last thing I noticed about Moore is that he has that one thing you can’t teach, and that is the willingness to play extremely hard on both sides of the ball, which is an aspect of the game that a lot of kids don’t see the value in at the high school level.

6’6 2024 Elijah Kelly  (Virginia Warriors Elite 15u)

When I watch basketball, especially at the high school level, I love seeing tall lead guards with the ability to handle the ball well and pass over defenses, and Elijah fits that description perfectly. At 6’6 Elijah was able to play a nice floor general role for his team this evening as he did a great job finding his teammates and making good decisions in the open court. Also, Despite Elijah’s slim frame, he displayed amazing balance as he showed the ability to finish through contact at a high level. I really can’t wait to see 15-year-old Elijah develop in a couple years because based on what I saw today, I feel like his ceiling is extremely high.

6’2 2024 Peter Moye (CC Elite 2024)

If I were to describe Moye’s game in one word, I would say unorthodox. Although he plays differently than a lot of kids, he has proven to be a really effective scorer as he knows how to use his strong frame very well and absorb contact better than a lot of kids his age. Another quality that Peter has is that he has sneaky athleticism that helps him get to the rim and open up scoring opportunities for him and his team. Peter has also proven over time that he is able to shoot the three at a reliable clip, which is something a coach always loves to have on his team. Not only does Peter make his mark on the floor by scoring, he is a guy that is always playing hard and that will take him a long way and possibly give him a chance to play at the next level as many kids do not have the same motor as Peter. This is another kid I really can’t wait to see develop over the next couple years as he has all the tools to play at the next level.