By: Noah Hooper

6’5 2023 Lamont Guy Jr. (Team Hope 2023 CHRIS)
Lamont is a player that immediately caught my eye this morning as he was doing everything for his team on both sides of the ball. He had a very high motor from the start and did not take his foot off the gas down the stretch. Along with his great work ethic, Lamont showed great versatility at his size as his footwork around the basket really set him apart from the competition this morning. Over time, as he extends his range and becomes a consistent shooter, Lamont will have potential to play a key role for somebody at the next level.

5’10 2024 Noah Blackwell (SC Phenoms 16U)
This Morning, Blackwell really stood out as he showcased his high-level shooting ability. He showed great mechanics and footwork on his jumpshot which separated him amongst his peers. Not only did Blackwell catch fire from long distance, his energy was contagious as he played very hard and set an example for his team in that regard. Blackwell is a kid that can definitely play at the next level as his work ethic, great attitude, and shooting abilty will give him the opportunity to make that a reality.

6’5 2023 McCaskill Rivers (CB Hoops 17U)
What stood out in Rivers’ game this morning was how active he was on both sides of the floor. It was obvious that he was the engine to his team as he had contagious energy throughout the entire course of the game. Moreover, Rivers showcased his finishing abilty as he used his strong frame to finish over smaller defenders all morning. Lastly, Rivers does a great job of running the floor which was pivotal for his team this morning. As Rivers becomes more versatile in his skillset, I think he will be an even more dangerous player than he already is.

6’2 2023 Jacob Tiller (Team Swish 17U)
Tiller had an extremely high motor for his team this morning on defense and it really showed through his ability to read passing lanes. What also caught my eye was a clutch block he had to prevent a game-winning layup, which again, shows his commitment to the defensive side of the ball. Tiller was also a very acrobatic finisher around the basket as he caught my eye with some nice layups. Last but certainly not least, I loved his body language down the stretch as he was level-headed and played hard no matter what. Tiller is a kid that any coach would love to have on their team and it really showed this morning.

5’10 2023 Nick Ellis
Although Ellis is undersized and doesn’t look the part on the floor, he does a great job at controlling the pace of a game and making the right play. What also impressed me about Ellis is his ability to step out and shoot the three ball. On top of those attributes, he is a nice finisher around the rim as he caught my eye with a nice spin move in the lane. This is another kid I believe is very coachable and has great body language on the floor. Any coach would be lucky to have him on their team.