Grant Jacques

2028 Paul Cauthen Jr. (East Iredell MS): Cauthen was one that really caught the attention of our scouts with his play, and then to learn that he will still be in middle school made of even more excited.  You could see that Cauthen is one who understands and has a strong feel for the game at a young age.  Cauthen showed flashes all throughout, attacking and being assertive, scoring off the dribble, finishing through defenders, and applying consistent pressure downhill and scoring.

2027 Grant Jacques (Grace Christian): Jacques is a name that we have seen in the past but he impressed once again at the camp. He was filling it up consistently throughout the camp but also showing a tremendous IQ on the court.  He has a smooth and confident shot, whether it is from behind the arc, getting to his spots, or finishing around the basket.  The young guard opened up plenty of eyes with his play at the camp.

Sabree Scott

2025 Sabree Scott (QEA): Scott was a new name for us at Phenom Hoops, as he will now be at Quality Education this upcoming season. He is a 6’5 long and bouncy prospect who catches your eye with his scoring ability, his capability to score from multiple levels, getting to his spots to knock down shots, and also attack and finish inside the defense.  He has a fluid feel for the game and quickly caught our eyes, as he will be one to watch more.  He already holds offers from Old Dominion, Rhode Island, NJIT, Bryant, and others.

2025 Sugar Eaton (New Hope Leadership Academy): Eaton was another new name that we learned about at the camp, as we spoke to him after the camp. Coming from Australia, Eaton has a tremendous feel and smooth feel for the game, playing with tremendous pace and feel, creating and finishing well, showing bounce in his game, and a confident release in knocking down shots.  Coming to America and being a player down in South Carolina, he should have college coaches’ attention.

2024 Damori Lytch (QEA): I was so impressed with what 6’6 Lytch provided on the court, as it was hard not to notice him and his impact.  He is a player who plays with tremendous energy and just seems to make his presence felt all over; whether it was scoring, finishing strong, showing his athleticism and finishing at the rim, blocking shots, and impacting the game on the boards… Lytch did a little bit of everything which is why he walked away with an award.