Taky Prosper

2024 Darius Carr (Gray Collegiate Academy): Carr is a player we have talked about a lot recently, and was the one that inspired me for this article. Carr had a tremendous showing at the SC Top 80, and is an underrated forward who plays the game the right way, has a strong feel for the game down in the paint, works hard, and has the right mindset both on and off the court.  He is truly an underrated forward to watch out for more. When speaking to him, he mentioned his dream school is USC Upstate, but there have been other schools picking up interest his way.

2024 Caden Giles (Nation Ford): Giles is another one that I immediately wrote down, as the 6’10 brings an intriguing skill set at his size.  The big man moves really well for his size, comfortable in starting outside, making plays off the bounce, finishing at the rim or around defenders, stepping out at times to knock down shots, and be a presence down low defensively.  He should garner much more attention his way this coming year.

2024 Taky Prosper (Oak Ridge): Heading in North Carolina, Prosper is a 6’7 forward that goes under the radar big time here in North Carolina but from what we saw this past summer, he should have more attention from college coaches. Strong, physical, and a developing game, Prosper can offer a lot but also be that physical presence to man the paint but at times can operate from other levels.  If you want to learn more about what we saw, check it out here: https://phenomhoopreport.com/2024-67-taky-prosper-brings-appeal-with-his-game/

2024 Ty Outlaw (Burlington School): Outlaw looks like a determined forward who is looking to make a statement this season. When you look at him though, you can see easily what appeals about his game; his strong frame and physicality stands out immediately.  Outlaw though played really well at the NC Top 80, with energy, competed on both ends, and continues to develop more of his game as well as a strong finisher.  Excited to see what he can do this upcoming season.

2024 Richard Goods (Grimsley): Goods is another forward that should be getting more looks. This is another strong and fierce finisher at the rim, as well as an active rebounder on the court.  That is where he is at his best and really make his mark. He also can step out at times to mix it up, but Goods is one that can really punish opponents down low and really help a program at the next level.

2024 Mason Hagedorn (Combine): Hagedorn is a 6’10 big who stretches the floor nicely and can knock down shots from the perimeter, but also use that size and feel to operate down low.  He is at his best when he is doing a bit of both, mixing it up nicely, and using that size to his advantage.  Hagedorn moves really well for his size, is a capable finisher and shot blocker, but can stretch the floor really well also.