#39 6’2 2022 Lebron Thomas: Lee Central High School (SC)

Lebron Thomas is the kind of kid every coach would want to have on their team.  He’s a tenacious competitor, that makes his money on the defensive end of the court, with his lateral quickness, fast hands, and length.  On the offensive end, he excels in transition, using his high IQ to make the right read in those situations.  He gets downhill and finishes at the rack with relative ease, and as he continues to make his jumper more reliable that aspect of the game will only open up for him even more.  Developing the jumper is the next step, but regardless he finds a way to have a positive impact on both ends of the court.  Definitely one of the better freshman in South Carolina.

#23 5’11 2022 Kolbe Ashe: Hayesville High School (NC)

Kolbe Ashe was one of the brightest young stars in attendance on Saturday, showcasing his ability to run a team to a tee and make his surrounding teammates better.  He has an incredibly advanced viewpoint of the game, considering the fact he’s only a freshman, he sees the floor at an incredible level.  Making passes that most kids older than him aren’t even thinking about making, Ashe has the potential to be a special player at the High School level.  Physically, he’s not incredibly big, strong, or athletic, but he makes up for it with the way he commands a team.  As he continues to physically develop, expect Ashe to start garnering more attention in the near future, he certainly deserves it.

#75 6’7 2022 Jake McTaggart: Hayesville High School (NC)

McTaggart was arguably the best big-man prospect at camp with his high motor, strength on the block, and remarkably intriguing skill level.  He’s a fluid, mobile young big man that showcased the ability to create his shot off the bounce in the mid-range and on the block, he isn’t incredibly consistent yet in regards to making those shots, but as he continues to refine that skillset he should be a really productive high school player in the near future.  The best part about McTaggart at this point in his young basketball career is his competitive fire and willingness to play every possession with a high level of purpose.

#10 5’9 2022 Isaiah Tate: Kings Mountain High School (NC)

Tate was one of the best passers in attendance on Saturday, catching the attention of the Phenom Staff just minutes into his first game of the day.  He’s a pick & roll maestro, consistently making the right read in the most translatable play in basketball.  He had highlight after highlight, and was even a runner up to Kolbe Ashe in the Playmaker Award voting.  The next step for Tate is to continue to physically develop, and continue refining his skillset, he has a chance to be a major contributor at Kings Mountain in the near future.