6’4 2020 Travon Jackson: Northwood Temple Academy

Jackson provides a unique blend of athleticism and an alpha dog mindset that every coach is looking for.  He’s constantly looking for an opportunity to make a defender look silly, yet always focused on making the right basketball play on both ends of the court.  He’s going to provide a lot of energy and production for a Northwood Temple group that might be one of the deepest and most talented in the #HoopState

6’7 2022 Shane Fernald: Mount Pleasant High School

Fernald is a kid we saw a lot of over the summer with CP3 and his high school team, but every time we see him he just gets better and better.  He has incredible feel for playing in the pick and roll, consistently slipping the screen and getting easy buckets on that end of the court.  It’s always refreshing when you a kid at Fernald’s age that knows how to play the right way, I’m excited to see how his game and recruitment develops in the coming years.

6’2 2020 Chase Dawkins: Northwood Temple Academy

Dawkins is another key piece to Coach Strong’s Northwood group and he possesses an incredible ability to get hot from the perimeter.  He’s one of those kids that can completely take the game over if he gets going and isn’t just limited to being a catch and shoot kind of guy.  He can create off the bounce a little bit, displaying good vision when he puts it on the deck, able to find cutters and shooters with relative ease.  Dawkins should have a huge year for Northwood, hopefully he can gather some momentum through that to really get his recruitment to another level… he’s more than capable.

6’11 2019 David Elien Jr: Chapel Hill High School

The Phenom Hoop Report staff as a whole has been incredibly high on Elien since early this summer and just one viewing of him it’s really easy to see why.  He’s an athletic 6’11 with incredible mobility, great defensive timing, and on top of it all he’s an incredibly high academic kid.  Frankly I find his under-recruitment baffling, all factors considered, production, potential, academics, and just general character, the fact that he doesn’t have multiple division one offers at this point is really surprising.  Hopefully that changes soon, I’d be shocked if it didn’t