Every year the NC Phenom 150 Exposure camp brings out players from across the region, they are players who walk into the gym and want to compete. They want to showcase themselves and write their own stories.

Spring of 2018 was no different, in fact we were able to sell out two camps with players coming from six different states around the area. There were some familiar names that we saw a ton of growth with and there were some new names to put on the table…

Without further ado, here are some 2020s who stood out during Session 2

6’7” Jadyn Parker
West Brunswick HS (Supply, NC)

What a revelation Parker ended up being. A long and lanky hybrid forward, Parker won the Mr Defense award at the camp as he seemingly blocked every shot around the rim. Offensively, it took a game or so to get comfortable, but he showed the sure ability to put it on the floor and break down his defender off the bounce and finish at the rim. He is only a sophomore, he physically looks like Robert Braswell and his game is in the mold of a young Brandon Ingram. Watch the development closely, his father was a heck of a player in college and it looks like Parker could trend in that direction.


6’9” Myles Evans
Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)

The high academic Evans is a player who has been coming to camp for a couple of years now. He was invited to the NC Top 80 but could not make it due to a scheduling conflict. Evans is a very skilled lefty who has touch, great hands and ball skills. He can put the ball on the floor from the free throw line. He rebounds and pushes the break well and he can finish at the rim. It will be fun to watch him continue to grow and get stronger and get more explosive. Some very intriguing tools here and nice upside.


6’1” AJ Rossi
South Brunswick HS (Southport, NC)

Everything Rossi does, he does it with the utmost confidence. There is just something about his demeanor on the floor that is very calming but is also very uplifting for his teammates. Never rattled, Rossi takes great care of the ball and he is a knock down shooter both off the catch and off the dribble. Very eager to revisit this name at this time next year and see how much growth he has had, expect a big next 12 months.


6’4” Lemario Wilkerson
Southern Durham (Durham, NC)

Perhaps no player made more of a name for himself at this camp than Wilkerson. The explosive lefty showed the ability to handle the ball and a smooth jump shot. He played the game with great pace and yes, he has the ability to play well above the rim. He was tasked as the primary ball handler in this setting for his team, however it will be great to see him on a team with a point guard, enabling him to be more efficient with his dribble and able to have better attacking angles and matchups. There is a lot to like here, huge upside and one that college coaches should take immediate notice of.


6’6” Chase Mebane
River Mill Academy (Burlington, NC)

Mebane had a big year for River Mill and we were very excited to get him in camp. Mebane walks on the court passing the look test. He has a very long and projectable frame. He handles the ball well for his size and he sees the floor well, snatching numerous rebounds and pushing the break only to make a controlled play.  We are excited to watch him over the summer as we feel like this could be a big summer for him. There are so many tools here and he is someone that coaches should go ahead and start looking at.