From the Sidelines

NC Phenom 150
Team 9 Evaluations

No. 9 5'8 Rashad Heggie (SE Raleigh HS, Raleigh, NC)

Rashad has a great feel for the game. His attitude is excellent and he's very coachable. He's a capable scorer at all three levels because of his ball-handling ability. More importantly, Rashad is an excellent teammate and looked to make others better the entire day. As he matures physically, he will be more consistent offensively, not to mention he will become an absolute pest on the defensive end of the court.


No. 20 5'10 '20 Cody Fuller (SE Guilford, Greensboro, NC)

Cody has solid fundamentals and a good basketball IQ. He can dribble, pass and shoot plus has good range on his jump shot. Throughout the day, Cody demonstrated an excellent attitude and embraced the three-dribble rule and team-first approach. As he continued to mature, get stronger, Cody will improve in multiple area of his game. That being said, the foundation is there and has an excellent grasp of the game.


No. 37 6'0 '18 Andreas Wilson (Kerr Vance, Louisburg, NC)

Simply put, Andreas is an unsigned senior that D2 schools should be all over. Andreas is a great competitor on both ends of the court. He's extremely athletic and plays above the rim. Without question, he plays much taller than his listed height. We were impressed with his tremendous 'on the ball' defense and is excellent off the ball as well. Offensively, he has a complete game. He shoots it well and has tremendous bounce. Andreas averaged 23.0 PPG and was selected to the First Team ALL-CAMP TEAM for the 2018 class. College coaches need to take notice of this unsigned senior. He's ready to help a program.


No. 48 6'0 Landon Sutton (High Point Christian, Oak Ridge, NC)

Landon is a natural leader on the floor and is an extension of the coach. He shoots it well from all spots on the court and is a threat to break down the defense at any moment with his basketball IQ and crafty play. Landon averaged 17.0 PPG and his overall play earned him an invite to the prestigious NC Top 80 camp. With more physical maturity, Landon is going to hit the radar of collegiate coaches. Simply put, he's a coach's dream at the helm with the ball in his hands.


No. 65 6'1 '18 Justin Lucas (Ashbrook High School, Gastonia, NC)

Justin has a lot of game and a tight and efficient handle. He shoots it comfortably with range and has the ability to break down the defense which allows him to make 'kick out' passes to open teammates. He has a high basketball IQ and very coachable. If he takes a reclass or preps a year to get physically stronger, he could help a D3 program.



No. 77 6'2 '20 Elijah Smith (Butler High School, Charlotte, NC)

The youthful Smith has good length, bounce and a unique blend of athleticism and matching skill set and definitely one to watch. His length and quickness will create problems on the defensive end of the court. In addition, he has pretty good handles and nice shooting mechanics on his jump shot. Like many younger players, he just needs to get physically stronger. Elijah as a great foundation and will be one to watch in the next few years in the Charlotte area.


No. 96 6'3 '19 Jalen Ware (East Forsyth, Winston-Salem, NC)

Jalen really has some excellent upside and potential. We're talking about a lengthy, athletic and bouncy combo guard. He made good decisions with the ball, handles it well and shot it with confidence and efficiency. Without question, Jalen has a high ceiling and accompanied with more game experience, he could be one to watch in the Winston-Salem area.


No. 108 6'4 '20 Case Roach (Travelers Rest High School, Travelers Rest, SC)

Case set the tone on both ends of the court and was a natural team leader, which is extremely hard to do in a one-day camp setting. He's a solid athlete with a very high basketball IQ. Defensively, he makes incredible reads and is always in position to make a play. He's tough on the glass and battles every possession. Offensively, he finishes at the rim and stretches the floor with his 3-point shooting ability. Case is a coach's dream and is definitely a next level player. He averaged right at 14 PPG and made the 2020 All Camp First Team.


No. 125 6'6 '19 Jeremyah McWilliams (Overhills High School, Spring Lake, NC)

Jeremyah is a long, rangy athlete. He's a great teammate and is a player willing to do all the little things to win games. He has a great touch around the rim and altered a lot of shots on the defensive end of the court. We strongly believe Jeremyah has next level length and athleticism. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger and improve his conditioning. That being said, he has the physical attributes in place to be a very opposing player. Jeremyah averaged right at 10 PPG and while we didn't keep rebounding stats, he also made an immediate impact clearwing the glass.


No. 136 5'11 Joshua Gooding (Aycock High School, Pikesville, NC)

Joshua is a good athlete who caused a lot of problems on both ends of the court. He has a good handle and attacks the rim extremely well off the dribble. His shooting mechanics are solid, but has the ability to be an effective shooting point guard with some additional work. That being said Joshua looked to make the pass rather than score which is an excellent attribute in your point guard. Overall, Joshua demonstrated a relentless work ethic, competed and showcased natural leadership qualities throughout the day.